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Artificial Intelligence FAQ: Bibliography 4/6 [Monthly posting]
Section - [4-6] Natural Language Processing (NLP)

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Top Document: Artificial Intelligence FAQ: Bibliography 4/6 [Monthly posting]
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   Fred Jelinek, "Statistical Methods for Speech Recognition", MIT

   Christopher D. Manning, Hinrich Schutze, "Foundations of
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   review can be found at: ]

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   includes an extensive annotated bibliography.]
   For more information, see or

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Statistical Parsing and Modeling:

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   [Easy-to-read text, if a bit dated.]

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Natural Language Understanding:

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Natural Language Interfaces:

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Natural Language Generation:

   McKeown, Kathleen R. and Swartout, William R., "Language
   Generation and Explanation", in Zock, M. and Sabah, G.,
   editors, Advances in Natural Language Generation, Volume 1, Pages
   1-51, Ablex Publishing Company, Norwood, NJ, 1988. (Overview of
   the state of the art in natural language generation.)

   There are several books published as a result of the international
   workshops on natural language generation.

Machine Translation:

   Bonnie J. Dorr, "Machine Translation: A View from the Lexicon" MIT
   Press, Cambridge, MA 1993. 408 pages, ISBN 0-262-04138-3 ($45).

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   A review of MT systems on the market appeared in BYTE 18(1), January 1993.
   (can anyone give me a proper citation for this?)


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   339 pages. 

   Andrew Radford, "Transformational Grammar: A First Course", Cambridge
   University Press, New York, 1988, 625 pages.

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Top Document: Artificial Intelligence FAQ: Bibliography 4/6 [Monthly posting]
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