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Artificial Intelligence FAQ: Newsgroups and Mailing Lists 2/6 [Monthly posting]
Section - [2-60] Miscellaneous: Artificial Morality, Kappa PC, OOP Frameworks

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Top Document: Artificial Intelligence FAQ: Newsgroups and Mailing Lists 2/6 [Monthly posting]
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Artificial Morality:

   This is a mailing list for discussion of Peter Danielson's book,
   "Artificial Morality: Virtuous Robots for Virtual Games" (Routledge,
   New York, 1992) and related issues. It explores theories of rational
   morality with Prolog.

   To join the list, send an email message to

Frog Net:

   Frog Net is a mailing list for researchers interested in the
   behavior and underlying neural mechanisms of amphibians.

   To subscribe, send mail to Jim Liaw <>.

Rough Sets:

   EBRSC is the Electronic Bulletin of the Rough Set Community.  Its
   goal is to encourage the rapid dissemination of research related to
   the study of Rough Set Theory, as first introduced by Z. Pawlak
   (Z.Pawlak, "Rough Sets" Int. J. Inform. & Comput. Sci. 11:344-356, 1982.). 

   If you would like to subscribe, please send a short note with your
   name and email address to  Submissions should
   be sent to the same address.

   The archives of the bulletin are located at  []
   and include back issues of the Bulletin as well as data and
   software contributions and a bibliography. They are also available
   by gopher at

   The EBRSC is edited by Mike Hadjimichael <> and
   Robert Golan <>.


   HOTT is a free monthly newsletter summarizing the latest developments
   in computer, communications, and electronics technologies, as reported
   in the popular press, trade magazines, research journals, mailing
   lists, and newsgroups. Topics will include VR, neural networks, PDAs,
   GUIs, intelligent agents, ubiquitous computing, genetic and
   evolutionary programming, nanotechnology, and massively parallel
   programming, among others.

   To subscribe, send mail to with
   in the message body.

   If you need to speak to a human being, send mail to

   HOTT is edited by David Scott Lewis <>.

Intelligent Control (INTCON):

   The INTCON (Intelligent Control) Special Interest Group is intended to
   provide a forum for communication and exchange of ideas among
   researchers in neuro-control, fuzzy logic control, reinforcement
   learning and other related subjects grouped under the topic of
   Intelligent Control.  The emphasis is on application in control; by
   "intelligence" we mean using ideas, techniques and procedures inspired
   partly from biology, psychology, and so on.

   To subscribe to INTCON, send mail to

   INTCON is moderated by Mohammad Bahrami, School of Electrical
   Engineering, University of New South Wales, P. O. Box 1, Kensington,
   2033, NSW Australia.


   The Control Systems Group Network (CSGnet) is a mailing list for
   folks interested in Perceptual Control Theory (PCT). PCT claims that a
   fundamental aspect of organisms is their ability to control their

   To subscribe, send a message to
      subscribe csg-l <name, affiliation, city, state>
      get csg/Index
   in the message body.

   Several MS-DOS demonstration programs are available from the LISTSERV.

   If you need to speak to a human being about subscription problems,
   send mail to Gary Cziko <>, the network manager.

Intelligent Decision Support Systems (IDSS):

   The IDSS Mailing list aims to act as a forum to exchange ideas on the
   design, implementation and maintenance of Intelligent Decision Support
   Systems (IDSS).  IDSSs have proven to be successful at supporting
   complex decision making problems at all levels of an organisation.

   To subscribe to the IDSS mailing list, send e-mail to
   with the following line as the first and only line in the body of the
      subscribe IDSS <your-full-name>
   Do not include the brackets when specifying your full name.

   If you have any problems with using the IDSS mailing list
   please send e-mail to idss-request@socs.uts.EDU.AU

   The list is a free service provided by the IDSSs laboratory in the
   School of Computing Sciences at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS).
   It is maintained by Andrew Blair <>.

   SCRIB-L is a mailing list for on-line handwriting recognition. The
   main focus of the mailing list is to exchange data and benchmarks. 
   The list is organized by Isabelle Guyon and Lambert Schomaker.
   Send mail to to be added to the mailing list.


   MET-AI is a mailing list concerned with applications of artificial
   intelligence to meteorology. Topics include applications of machine
   learning to weather forecasting, artificial neural networks in
   meteorology, automatic interpretation and analysis of satellite
   imagery, automatic synthesis of weather forecast texts, case-based
   reasoning and meteorology, expert systems and decision aids for
   weather forecasting, high-level interfaces to archives of
   meteorological data, and statistical pattern recognition.

   To subscribe, send an email message to
   in the message body. MET-AI is an unmoderated mailing list.

   Problems and suggestions to Eric Jones <>.


   Application of AI techniques to domains involving the natural world,
   including natural resource management, mining, water resources,
   defence, development planning and so on.

   To subscribe, send a message to
   containing the line
      subscribe ai-nat <your email address>

OOP Frameworks:

   FWList is a moderated mailing list for discussion of Object Oriented
   Frameworks, including Taligent's framework-based system, Microsoft's
   MFC, and Apple's OpenDoc Parts Framework.

   To subscribe to the list send a message to FWList@AOL.COM, with the word
   in the subject line and your name and preferred e-mail address in the
   message body. 

Wisdom List:

   For CYC-like ontologies for story understanding, human activities
   in the real world, and especially interactive fiction and adventures.  

   To join write to

[ is moderated.  To submit, just post and be patient, or if ]
[ that fails mail your article to <>, and ]
[ ask your news administrator to fix the problems with your system. ]

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