Has the usenet system broken down?


Charles Macdonald (charles.macdonald@hrdc-drhc.gc.ca)
Tue, 14 Oct 97 8:58:21 -0400

A week ago, I posted my FAQ, and at the same time sent all ten parts of my
wife Karen's FAQ. Mine was identical to last months posting - I just took
the saved posting and deleted the date, paths, x-ref lines, and changed the
expiry date. Since I was posting late, the old version had expired, so I
took out the supersedes line.

When I looked in rtfm a couple of days later, the august version of my FAQ
was still there, and Karen's FAQ had also not been updated.

Now there may be too problems, something wrong with my headers- so that
rtfm is not picking the posting up, or the posting is not reaching rtfm.

Does (or should) rtfm sent the poster an error message if it gets something
in news answers that it does not want to archive?

Do we need to have more redundant news feeds (of presumably just
news.answers) sent into MIT.edu (or is perhaps the problem that articles
are being lost because the servers at MIT are getting too much news (and

Since the faqs.org site gets its feed from MIT, it also does not have the
updated articles.

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