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Kent Landfield (
Thu, 7 Aug 1997 11:32:24 -0500 (CDT)

# > - Should we again raise the issue of providing a single standard header
# > that Usenet FAQs insert to indicate where to find the current Web version
# > of the FAQ, and use that (exclusively?) in our archive?
# The object that you want to support is not just an URL but a
# model citation for the resource, including text that frames and
# is the content of the anchor as well as the URL for the HREF.

This would be *very* useful, both for the user as well as for the effectiveness
of search databases.

# This needs to be coordinated with the RDF work within the WWW.
# [And the RDF work needs to be compatible with passing the metadata
# in RFC 822 headers.]

But how far off is that from being real and usable ? (serious question)

# The idea of having all Web objects export a "model citation" to
# the metadata domain (a.k.a. RDF or son-of-PICS) is something that
# will help solve the navigability problems that blind Web
# wanderers encounter nowadays when ALT text is poorly selected or
# absent.

Is there something that we can do today to make HTML based FAQs easier
and more useful ?

# There is related discussion in

Interesting discussions. Thanks for the reference.

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