Re: New HTML Format for my FAQ -- Comments?


Kent Landfield (
Thu, 7 Aug 1997 11:00:54 -0500 (CDT)

# For users, the proposed new version format adds: (i) A short description
# of resources when they are listed together. It really helps point out
# key features very quickly, such as the St. Louis Fed being a good site
# for macro time series. (ii) A quicker way to reach the resource itself
# (with the current version, you must go to the long description). In
# general, to users, it is basically a superset of the current one.

I like the Intro.htm page with the short descriptions but I also liked the
page navigations supplied on the older pages. I suspect that you just haven't
done everthing yet and this is a sample of the type of content.

# At this stage I have two questions: (i) Is the new format better?

I like it but that doesn't make it better. ;)

Sorry I don't know of any tools at present that would do this for you.

# See <> for
# additional details on the issues here (I've just touched on some
# of them above). Plus, you can see a bit of Perl I wrote (please be
# kind here ;)

Nice write up.

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