Re: OSU FAQ archive?


Al Gilman (
Thu, 7 Aug 1997 11:51:59 -0400 (EDT)

Dave Barr asked on faq-maintainers for suggestions with regard to
an upcoming renovation of the OSU Web archive of FAQs.
> My questions to faq-maintainers is:
> - Should the archive be primarily an archive of pointers to FAQs on the
> Web? (perhaps with local mirrors?) Or should it remain primarily an
> archive of Usenet FAQs? This is both a question of inclusiveness (what
> FAQs to include) and of architecture and content (what form should they
> be in, and is ASCII->HTML still as important as it was 3 years ago).
> If we choose to add Web-only FAQs, how should they be organized?

A lot of these questions should be answered by the people who get the
FAQs from the archive, not those you get the FAQs from.

> - Should we again raise the issue of providing a single standard header
> that Usenet FAQs insert to indicate where to find the current Web version
> of the FAQ, and use that (exclusively?) in our archive?

The object that you want to support is not just an URL but a
model citation for the resource, including text that frames and
is the content of the anchor as well as the URL for the HREF.

This needs to be coordinated with the RDF work within the WWW.
[And the RDF work needs to be compatible with passing the metadata
in RFC 822 headers.]

The idea of having all Web objects export a "model citation" to
the metadata domain (a.k.a. RDF or son-of-PICS) is something that
will help solve the navigability problems that blind Web
wanderers encounter nowadays when ALT text is poorly selected or

There is related discussion in

and other documents in the same folder.

Al Gilman