Chapter 2. Downloading and installing EVMS

Table of Contents
2.1. Preparing your system
2.1.1. Choosing capabilities
2.1.2. Obtaining the Device Mapper and a kernel source tree
2.2. Downloading EVMS
2.3. Patching the kernel
2.4. Configuring the kernel
2.5. Building and installing the new kernel
2.6. Installing the cluster manager
2.7. Installing the Engine
2.7.1. Installing from source
2.7.2. Installing the EVMS Debian packages
2.7.3. Installing from CVS
2.8. Activating EVMS volumes
2.9. The root filesystem on an EVMS volume
2.10. Setting up clustered EVMS

This chapter tells how to obtain and install EVMS, and offers guidelines to help you make decisions about your EVMS installation. If you are setting up EVMS to work in a cluster, execute the steps described in this chapter on each of the nodes in the cluster.