2.10. Setting up clustered EVMS

The following steps show how to set up EVMS clustering. Perform these steps on each cluster node:

  1. Because EVMS depends on the CCM services offered by Heartbeat, the Linux-HA CCM service must be configured on the system. Execute the following line to configure CCM:

    echo 'respawn haclient /usr/lib/heartbeat/ccm' >> /etc/ha.d/ha.cf
  2. Because Linux-HA expects its consumers to set up a private communication channel, create the following fifo with administrative privileges:

    mkfifo /var/lib/heartbeat/api/evms.req
    mkfifo /var/lib/heartbeat/api/evms.rsp
    chgrp haclient /var/lib/heartbeate/api/evms.req
    chgrp haclient /var/lib/heartbeat/api/evms.rsp
    chmod 200 /var/lib/heartbeat/api/evms.req
    chmod 600 /var/lib/heartbeat/api/evms.rsp
  3. To ensure that clustered EVMS is activated whenever Linux-HA starts, execute the following line:

    echo 'respawn root /sbin/evmsd' >> /etc/ha.d/ha.cf

    This step assumes that the evmsd daemon is installed in /sbin/evmsd. If the evmsd daemon is not installed in /sbin/evmsd, change /sbin/evmsd to the correct location when executing the command.

See Chapter 15 for information about clustering operations.