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The MailHelp FAQ & HOWTO

Simplifying Mailer Daemons and Associated Tools.

Mr. C. S. Mead, Jr.

Chief Technical Officer
MoonGroup Consulting, Inc.


This document is a compilation of information dicussed on the mailhelp mailing list and the author's experiences working with a wide variety of Mail Transfer Agents (MTA's). It presents the most common solutions discussed on mailhelp for problems with the installation, configuration and use of MTA's and various other electronic mail related problems. It also covers some basic information about mailhelp's customs and how to use the resource correctly. This is intended to be a living document. As new issues and problems arise they will be added as necessary. The mailhelp list is provided as a free service for clients and non-clients by MoonGroup Consulting, Incorporated. To subscribe to the mailhelp list go to:

MoonGroup is a 6 year old company which provides consulting and support services for Linux and electronic mail architecture issues and projects.

Table of Contents
1. What's it all about?
Why MailHelp?
How to behave on the list
What To Expect
What To Post To The List
2. Terminology and Acronyms
3. Frequently Asked Questions On Mailhelp
4. Suggestions