What To Expect

If you're a new subscriber with an immediate problem its possible that you may not get an immediate answer to your questions. There are many reasons for this but it doesn't happen often. If you do have difficulty, try to rephrase your question or search the archives (you actually might want to do both). The archives for mailhelp are located at MoonGroup Mailhelp Archives.

There is a right way and a wrong way to post to mailhelp. Saying this does not mean that you will get the boot if you do it wrong. What it means is that if you do it the right way you will get more help sooner than you otherwise would have. One of the most difficult parts of providing remote support, even when its free, is coaxing the necessary troubleshooting information out of the folks with the problem. Some simple cooperation in this area will go a long way toward helping to get your problem solved.