Chapter 1. What's it all about?

Table of Contents
Why MailHelp?
How to behave on the list
What To Expect
What To Post To The List

As it says in our abstract, mailhelp is a free service provided by MoonGroup Consulting, Inc. for both clients and non-clients. The mailing functions in the spirit of the open source community and is focused on issues associated with electronic mail. At this writing, mailhelp is more than a year old and there is a significant amount of information available in the archives of the list.

At MoonGroup it is our hope that the resource we provide will be used and appreciated by all who need it and we look forward to a long association with many of you who share our community.

Why MailHelp?

We started the mailhelp mailing list for a couple of reasons:

  1. We felt that there was a need for it as a resource. General Linux lists were continually getting pummelled by questions related to electronic mail and the existing Usenet groups didn't seem to provide the right level of support

  2. We felt that such a list (if run correctly) could be invested with a tremendous sense of community where people could feel at home and remain subscribed and involved for years at a time so it was also a bit of a social experiment