Profligacy (See also Debauchery, Lust, Promiscuity.) Allusions, Definition, Citation, Reference, Information - Allusion to Profligacy (See also Debauchery, Lust, Promiscuity.)

  1. Arrowsmith, Martin simultaneously engaged to Madeline and Leona. [Am. Lit.: Arrowsmith]
  2. Bellaston, Lady wealthy profligate; keeps Tom as gigolo. [Br. Lit.: Tom Jones]
  3. Booth, Captain pleasure-loving prodigal; lacks discipline. [Br. Lit.: Amelia]
  4. Casanova, Giovanni Jacopo (1725–1798) myriad amours made his name synonymous with philanderer. [Ital. Hist.: Benét, 172]
  5. Don Juan internationally active profligate and seducer. [Span. Lit.: Benét, 279; Ger. Opera: Mozart, Don Giovanni, Wester-man, 93–95]
  6. Flashman, Harry British soldier wenches his way around world. [Br. Lit.: Flashman]
  7. Genji, Prince Emperor’s dashing and talented bastard woos many. [Jap. Lit.: The Tale of Genii]
  8. Iachimo scorns and craftily tests feminine virtue. [Br. Lit.: Cymbeline]
  9. Jones, Tom manly but all too human young man; has numerous amorous adventures. [Br. Lit.: Tom Jones]
  10. Karamazov, Dmitri lusty and violent in most of his actions. [Russ. Lit.: Dostoevsky The Brothers Karamazov]
  11. Lothario young rake and seducer. [Br. Lit.: The Fair Penitent]
  12. Lyndon, Barry from bully to dissipative rake and cruel husband. [Br. Lit.: Barry Lyndon]
  13. Macheath, Captain gambler and robber; has scores of illegitimate offspring. [Br. Opera: The Beggar’s Opera]
  14. Rake’s Progress, A Hogarth prints illustrating the headlong career and sorry end of a libertine. [Br. Art: EB (1963) XI, 625]
  15. Santa Cruz, Juanito loses his wife, lover, and esteem by philandering. [Span. Lit.: Fortunata and Jacinta]
  16. Scales, Gerald sales representative known for lavish living, gambling, amorality. [Br. Lit.: The Old Wives’ Tale, Magill I, 684–686]
  17. Venusberg magic land of illicit pleasure where Venus keeps court. [Ger. Myth.: Brewer Dictionary, 932]
  18. Zeus supreme of Greek gods; extramarital affairs were count-less. [Gk. Myth.: Zimmerman, 292]