Debauchery (See also Dissipation, Profligacy.) Allusions, Definition, Citation, Reference, Information - Allusion to Debauchery (See also Dissipation, Profligacy.)

  1. Alexander VI Borgia pope infamous for licentiousness and debauchery. [Ital. Hist.: Plumb, 219–220]
  2. Bacchus (Gk. Dionysus) god of wine; honored by Bacchanalias. [Gk. Myth.: Howe, 83]
  3. Behan, Brendan (1923–1964) uninhibited Irish playwright who lived wildly. [Irish Lit.: NCE, 261]
  4. Bowery Manhattan district, once notorious for brothels and gambling halls. [Am. Hist.: Hart, 97]
  5. Hell-fire Club 18th-century British clique devoted to debauchery. [Br. Hist.: Brewer Note-Book, 411]
  6. Nero (A.D. 37–68) hated as Roman emperor; led life of debauchery. [Rom. Hist.: NCE, 1909]
  7. Pandarus a “honey-sweet lord”; go-between for lovers. [Br. Lit.: Troilus and Cressida]
  8. Pornocracy period of unparalleled papal decadence (early 10th century). [Christian Hist.: Grun, 106]
  9. Rasputin (1871–1916) debauchee who preached and practised doctrine mixing religious fervor with sexual indulgence. [Russ. Hist.: NCE, 1770]
  10. Saturnalia licentious December 17th feast honoring Saturn. [Rom. Myth.: Espy, 19]
  11. Satyricon tales of vice and luxury in imperial Rome. [Rom. Lit.: Satyricon]
  12. Sergius III instituted the Pornocracy. [Christian Hist.: Grun, 106]
  13. Sodom and Gomorrah ancient cities destroyed by God because of their wickedness. [O.T.: Genesis 19:1–29]