Dissipation (See also Debauchery.) Allusions, Definition, Citation, Reference, Information - Allusion to Dissipation (See also Debauchery.)

  1. Breitmann, Hans lax indulger. [Am. Lit.: Hans Breitmann’s Ballads]
  2. Burley, John wasteful ne’er-do-well. [Br. Lit.: My Novel, Walsh Modern, 79]
  3. Camors leads selfish, shameless life. [Fr. Lit.: M. de Camors, Walsh Modern, 84]
  4. Carton, Sydney wasteful bohemian; does not use his talents. [Br. Lit.: A Tale of Two Cities]
  5. Castlewood, Francis Esmond gambles away living. [Br. Lit.: Henry Esmond]
  6. Christian II sybaritic king. [Fr. Lit.: Kings in Exile, Walsh Modern, 96]
  7. Chuzzlewit, Jonas dissipated, wasteful person. [Br. Lit.: Martin Chuzzlewit]
  8. Clavering, Sir Francis dissipated gambling baronet. [Br. Lit.: Pendennis]
  9. Dalgarno, Lord Malcolm of wasteful and ruinous; destroys several people. [Br. Lit.: Fortunes of Nigel]
  10. Fitzgerald, F. Scott (1896–1940) American novelist whose works reflect a life of dissipation. [Am. Lit.: NCE, 957]
  11. Jeshurun citizens abandon God; give themselves up to luxury. [O.T.: Deuteronomy 32:15]
  12. Mite, Sir Matthew dissolute merchant; displays wealth ostentatiously. [Br. Lit.: The Nabob, Brewer Handbook, 713]
  13. Pheidippides his extravagant bets ruin father’s wealth. [Gk. Lit.: The Clouds]
  14. prodigal son squanders share of money in reckless living. [N.T.: Luke 15:13]