Prize Allusions, Definition, Citation, Reference, Information - Allusion to Prize

  1. Achsah Caleb’s daughter; promised in marriage to conqueror of Debir. [O.T.: Joshua 15:16–19; Judges 1:12–15]
  2. blue ribbon denotes highest honor. [Western Folklore: Brewer Dictionary, 127]
  3. Bollingen annual prize for highest achievement in American poetry. [Am. Lit.: Hart, 88]
  4. Emmy awarded annually for best achievements in television programing and performance. [TV: Misc.]
  5. Enrico Fermi Award given for “exceptional and altogether outstanding achievement” in atomic energy. [Am. Hist.: Misc.]
  6. Eva to marry winner of singing contest. [Ger. Opera: Wagner, Meistersinger, Westerman, 225–228]
  7. gold medal traditional first prize. [Western Cult: Misc.]
  8. Goncourt annual award for best French fiction. [Fr. Lit.: NCE, 1106]
  9. Grammy awarded by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences for the best in the recording field. [Am. Hist.: Misc.]
  10. Guggenheim annual fellowships for creative work. [Am. Hist.: Hart, 337]
  11. Heisman Trophy awarded to the outstanding college football player of the year by New York Athletic Club. [Am. Sports: Misc.]
  12. laurel wreath ancient award for victory. [Western Cult.: Brewer Dictionary]
  13. Medal of Freedom highest award given a U.S. citizen; established 1963. [Am. Hist.: Misc.]
  14. National Book Award given by the American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters to outstanding works. [Am. Hist.: Misc.]
  15. Newbery-Caldecott Medal awarded by the American Library Association for outstanding children’s books. [Am. Hist.: Misc.]
  16. Nobel monetary awards for outstanding contributions benefiting mankind. [World. Hist.: Wheeler, 718]
  17. Oscar gold statuette awarded to film actors, directors, writers, technicians, etc. [Am. Cinema: Brewer Dictionary, 788]
  18. Pulitzer awards made in letters, music, and journalism. [Am. Hist.: Wheeler, 824]
  19. Silken Threads the three great prizes of honor in Lilliput. [Br. Lit.: Gulliver’s Travels]
  20. Tony (Antoinette Perry Award) presented annually for outstanding work in the Broadway theater. [Am. Hist.: Misc.]

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