Promiscuity (See also Profligacy.) Allusions, Definition, Citation, Reference, Information - Allusion to Promiscuity (See also Profligacy.)

  1. Anatol constantly flits from one girl to another. [Aust. Drama: Schnitzler Anatol in Benét, 33]
  2. Aphrodite promiscuous goddess of sensual love. [Gk. Myth.: Parrinder, 24]
  3. Ashley, Lady Brett forever falling in love with young men. [Am. Lit.: The Sun Also Rises]
  4. Barbarella scantily dressed, sex-loving, blonde astronaut. [Comics: Horn, 96]
  5. Camille “a woman of Paris.” [Fr. Lit.: Camille]
  6. Compson, Candace gave herself freely to every man she met; her illegitimate daughter became equally promiscuous. [Am. Lit.: Faulkner The Sound and the Fury in Magill I, 917]
  7. Forrester, Mrs. Marian traveling husband not enough to fulfill desires. [Am. Lit.: A Lost Lady]
  8. Ganconer fairy who makes love with, then abandons, women. [Br. Folklore: Briggs, 183–184]
  9. Gomer Hosea’s wanton wife. [O.T.: Hosea 1:1–3]
  10. Looking for Mr. Goodbar Theresa Dunn haunts singles bars in a compulsive quest for the ideal lover. [Am. Lit.: Weiss, 267]
  11. Messalina wife of Emperor Claudius of Rome. [Rom. Hist.: Brewer Handbook, 701]
  12. Rogers, Mildred though a wanton, Philip loved her above all else. [Br. Lit.: Of Human Bondage; Magill I, 670–672]