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if we take a tour to the Bacardi factory is there a...

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Question by MILLIE
Submitted on 12/18/2003
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if we take a tour to the Bacardi factory is there a charge?thanks millie...

Answer by Sean Pfeiffer
Submitted on 1/26/2004
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No, there is not a charge if you go yourself. If you go to a tour operator and they drive you there, I am sure they will charge you. But there is no charge for the actual tour from Bacardi. In fact, since they give you coupons for two drinks each, it's almost as if they are paying you! We toured the factory on January 7, 2004, and it provided insight into the company's history. After the tour, they drop you off at the gift shop, where almost everyone bought something. We did. Also, during the tour, they allow you to send a video message to anyone. Take email addresses to send a video message. To get to Bacardi from old San Juan, you just go to Pier # 2 and take the ferry. I don't think there is any signage, or anyone telling you to do this. But, this is how you get there. The ferry from downtown San Juan is 50 cents pp, per way. And there might be a fee for the shuttle bus from the ferry to the factory; I think there is a shuttle bus. There should also be cabs there. It is too far to walk on vacation, about 1 and 1/2 miles. We had a car when we were there so we just drove from San Juan. Recommendation: Go and enjoy. You might want to buy some of the very special limited release 12 year old they sell (hand bottled, numbered, blue top). They don't give samples of it, but the 8 is great on ice. The twelve must be fantastico, or however you say it in spanish.


Answer by cheekz
Submitted on 4/16/2004
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where is the bacardi factory ? and is there more than one ?


Answer by Snoopy
Submitted on 2/3/2005
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I am going to Puerto Rico for the First time in May.  Besides the Bacardi Factory and the Rainforest, what other places should i visit while in PR?


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