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I am on my second Toyota Camry, and I've experienced this...

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Question by Cindy
Submitted on 11/4/2003
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I am on my second Toyota Camry, and I've experienced this bad odor coming out of the air-conditioning/heating unit in both, especially on rainy/foggy days.  I'm worried that the odor is caused by some blockage, and might be harboring mold within.  Any information on this problem?  Thanks!

Answer by nqurashi
Submitted on 11/18/2003
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I thought I was the only one noticing this it turns out i am not the only one.


Answer by JOE
Submitted on 1/14/2004
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You should avoid keeping the air intake on recirculate this keeps outside air (fresh)from getting inside the climate control box,the moisture never evaporates,sticks on dirt hair and other debri being sucked into the housing and gets MOULDY.use the arrow
flowing thru sign rather than the "U" shaped arrow on the climate control panel.Have you ever passed someone on the high way in winter with ALL the windows fogged? I always want to yell TURN OFF THE RECIRCULATE !!
Until then~Check the ac evaporator drain,turn fan on high.fresh air coming in,under the passengers front of the dash right in the center,pull the capet back a little,you'll feel/see a hose going thru the floorboard,getly pull the hose forward and off the housing nipple,not water should run out,if so blow thru the hose(or pull it out+clean it)THEN~in front of the windshield there are intake vents,spray a little shot of LYSOL or some other mold killer/air freshner into the vent,shut off the car and let it sit.Hope it dries out...


Answer by Ali
Submitted on 5/30/2007
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I think it is wonderful that this topic is being discussed. I took my 2007 camry to the service department last night and they want me to buy a new filter for $60 and pay for an a/c cleaning which is another $80. My complaint is that Toyota never informed us of this problem with the purchase of the car and when I brought it in a year ago the salesman that sold the car to me acted like I was crazy. I have a real problem with the service department acting like this is a normal service that should be done to a car annually. I have always owned GM vehicles and have never had this problem. I am really concerned knowing that I have been breathing in mold for the past year and no where in the manual does it account for this problem. I feel that if other manufacturers can produce vehicles without this problem, that Camry should be redesigning their a/c units and starting recalls for this problem.


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