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I bought a yellow lab at 8wks old. He has been successfully...

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Question by elsafern
Submitted on 11/2/2003
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I bought a yellow lab at 8wks old. He has been successfully introduced to his carrier and sleeps through the night. However I am at my wits end with his mouthing and biting. He has punctured my hand a few times and I have had a pet behaviorist to him.I just dont know what else to do. I am going to return him as I am that desperate. Help

Answer by Jamie
Submitted on 11/13/2003
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Some ideas:
LOUDLY reprimand when he tries to put his mouth on your hand, he needs to know that hands are for petting not chewing.

Have a TOY in your hand when you try to pet him, if he tries to chew on your hand give him the toy and hold it in his mouth and praise him while petting him with your other hand.

If all else fails put soap, toothpaste, vinegar, lemon juice or something else sour or otherwise yucky tasting on one of your hands and when he tries to chew it he probably will not like it, then pet with your clean hand and praise for not trying to chew.


Answer by Rainey
Submitted on 5/16/2004
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Don't give up just yet. My Gabe still bites but he is only playing. We hold his jaw and say NO and eventually he stops. Also, when he is biting, I keep reminding him that he is a good boy while I pet him and then he begins to lick. Also, when he starts acting up, he is to sit away from us by himself and he just hates that. Offer him a nice bone. My dog can't get enough Pig Ears. Remember he is still only a puppy. There are still days that I want to lose my mind but I keep telling myself that he is still only a puppy and will grow out of it.


Answer by yellow lab fever
Submitted on 6/3/2004
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I have a yellow lab that is almost 1 year old ...When does the chewing stop she has eaten everything I own even though I buy bones and pig ears...Im almost out of stuff and she is going before I lose all of it......BY the way yellow lab for sale $400 house broken and so is the owner...The dog goes outside..


Answer by Me
Submitted on 6/5/2004
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Learn how to train a dog.


Answer by Duh!
Submitted on 6/24/2004
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For all those who are ready to ship the dog out:  Did you really expect a dog to be easy?


Answer by Tom
Submitted on 6/25/2004
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Try putting him or her in a down stay. This is achieved by pinning the dog to the ground and not letting it up. Its not easy to do and it will take a long time the first few times. Eventually you will get a sigh from the dog when it gives up. Remove your hands and make sure the dog stays down. Keep the dog down starting for 1 minute then work your way up to as long as you feel is needed. This will also help to train the dog to stay. Give a release comand, like OK.


Answer by Howdy
Submitted on 7/16/2004
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I have a golden who eats and swallows socks, jackets....you nake it....he passes it,...so what the heck.  Should be on Ripley's....


Answer by bubba
Submitted on 8/30/2004
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my lab is 3 months i don't wat 2 do to stop her from biting but i wish i did


Answer by kai
Submitted on 9/8/2004
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looking actually for solutions. I heard somewhere that spray bottle to face will train dog to stop biting when he does it. might work never know


Answer by chigreeneyes
Submitted on 9/20/2004
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i have a yellow lab she is 5 mos she is great i got her at 5 weeks. she's now house  broken. and loves to play catch.


Answer by Some Success With This
Submitted on 10/17/2004
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My vet taught me to roll my lab pup's upper gum under when he's trying to bite my hand so he ends up biting his gum.  I just take two fingers and roll his gums around his pup canines and when he bites "yelp!"  I can't resist a "hurts doesn't it!?" comment.  


Answer by Rainmaker
Submitted on 11/6/2004
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You people make me sick. Get rid of your dogs or you will just stuff them out side and they will wait to die a lonely death. You have no right to own an animal


Answer by I Hate Stupid People!
Submitted on 12/2/2004
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God you people are stupid. A lab is one of the hardest puppies to deal with because they have so much energy. Did you expect to have a puppy that just sat by your feet and was a perfect angel? Maybe you should have researched some info on the dog before you bought it. I cant stand people that would just get rid of a dog because it is "to hard to deal with" You make me sick!


Answer by TJWhitt
Submitted on 12/30/2004
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To add to Tom's "Down/stay" method:

I've got a 4 month old Yellow who, while in the midst of playing, attempts to take dominate attitude w/ me. This only happens when I'm laying on the floor with him and usually starts the nipping and hand chewing. When he starts, I pin him to the ground with my whole body (not putting any weight on him) and growl in his ear until he stops fighting me.

My boy knowswho top Dog in the house is now after using this a couple times. :)


Answer by Vicki
Submitted on 1/6/2005
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It is sad to hear the frustration that people have with a yellow lab pup.  They are so energetic but yet so loving.  Ours has been a handful and would give any other dog a challenge to keep up with her chewing and unlimited energy.  We have found that if she is exercised regularly, given lots of attention, and always has LOTS of chew toys available (with new ones frequently to keep her interested), she is a wonderful dog.  She is now a little over 8 months old and has chewed a few things she shouldn't but for the most part we have no complaints.  She was the easiest dog we have ever had to housebreak and gives back so much love.  The key is to keep them very busy with your choices, not their's.  What you receive in return is amazing.  It just takes a lot of time and patience when they are young, but the payoff in the long run is well worth it.  


Answer by Karen1957
Submitted on 1/29/2005
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Get a pet porter(crate) from Walmart and keep your puppy in there when you are not at home and at night and when you can't watch him or her. Buy chewies extra large package. Obedience videos will help you learn how to train your dog. This is what I am having to do I have Old English Sheepdogs.From Karen1957


Answer by jack-n-jill
Submitted on 2/14/2005
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you have got to really stick with the training. don't give up. dogs are very loyal and they don't know why you don't love them and will not understand why you don't want them around anymore.i have a yellow lab who is 9 weeks old and a malamute who is 5 years old. he did not like the newcomer at first but since we've stuck with it, they now get along great.


Answer by dog lover
Submitted on 3/18/2005
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If your trying to train a dog first you should bye chew toys. He or she will then chew on that instead of your feet and ankle's. If that doesn'twork just walk away from the dog. Next make sure to let the dog out side if or not he or she has to go to the bathroom. The dog will then learn to walk to the door.You should give it a bath at lest every week.  


Answer by kat4795
Submitted on 4/18/2005
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my yellow lab used to bite when he was a puppy and i got fed up once and bit him back on his paw. i didn't do it hard enough to really hurt him but hard enough to let him know that biting is awful and should not be done. he never bit again!!


Answer by Adam
Submitted on 5/25/2005
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Dont worry first off. Its a phase. You need to get a dog book so that you understand your dog better than he understands you. I think that might be the case now. A dog will establish a pecking order in a household. If he or she feels to be the boss you are out of luck and they will be a pain. The holding the dog down suggestion is the best for your situation.


Answer by Carole
Submitted on 7/20/2005
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Watch the TV show "Dog Whisperer" on the National Geographic Channel. We just adopted a 3yr Yellow Lab that was going to be put to sleep because she was so wild and destructive.
Exercise, training and affection.  
People who knew our Lab before we adopted don't believe it is the same dog. She is the most perfect, wonderful dog in the world.


Answer by drew
Submitted on 7/21/2005
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if he bites your hand, each time he tries to do it, press down his tongue with your fingers. he'll get the point very quickly. also, do not bother cage training a labrador, they're very social animals and you're doing no good and just creating harm. to cage a labrador is to take away his or her personality. instead, walk the puppy on a set schedule every 2-3 hours. a rule of thumb is to expect the bladder to hold for as many hours +1 month of age. ex 4 month puppy can hold for 5 hours. i housebroke my 9 week old yellow lab in 5 days. every 2 hours was the routine for the quick trip outside. make sure also that you have a set of wee wee pads, just in case. good luck and stay persistant! it can be done!


Answer by Arf
Submitted on 9/25/2005
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Takes 2 years for a retriever to stop chewing.  I had one who chewed a rocking chair in half when he was one.


Answer by answer by sam
Submitted on 9/27/2005
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Please don't give up on the very playfull but grabby yellow lab. The biting will stop if you use a colorful water bottle and spray the puppy in the face everytime it starts to grab your hands.Keep the bottle where you can reach it and the puppy can see it. I have a 19 month yellow lab i know where you are coming from i thought i would loose my mind, but all is well now.


Answer by me
Submitted on 10/12/2005
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hahaha, no answer, I'm Thinkin of buyin a yellow lab...


Answer by Chris
Submitted on 11/1/2005
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There are nerves in the base of the snout that calm the pup when held. The mother dog disciplines her pup by placing its snout in her mouth. She doesn't have to bite down, just firmly holds the pup. Do the same. It works on the same principle as the Gentle Leader collar.


Answer by yellow lab
Submitted on 11/2/2005
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you are an idiot, it is a dog what do you expect.


Answer by Sh00ta3
Submitted on 11/12/2005
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Hi, I have a yellow lab that is 5 years old. I know she's not a puppy but I can give you advise...

You have to be patient with them. My dad wasn't and oh boy it took her a while to learn the basic commands (sit, lay down, come, stay).

Reward them when they have done good. This makes them more willing to do good then bad. Especially if you give them a treat.

When my dog (Bonny) was a puppy and she was nipping everyone we got taught to take their lip and push down on one of their mollars. It doesn't hurt them a lot but it gets them to stop what they are doing.

Another thing to do is if they don't weigh a lot then you can take them by the skruff of their neck and say no, then swat them in the snout. Not to hard though.

Well this is all I've had expirience with and it worked for me so I hope it will work for you!


Answer by Eddie
Submitted on 12/2/2005
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Dogs are not for giving up on. You made a conscious choice to bring this animal into your home. He deserves your time and attention to his training. He, with time and gentle direction, will stop chewing. In my opinion, it is an immoral choice to give up on a 1yr old dog who is just going through a stage of development. We don't throw our babies away when they are in their oral stage!


Answer by Hallelujah
Submitted on 12/9/2005
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My pup Hallelujah, is about 1 1/2 years old. To those of you struggling,I understand. Labs are very active dogs, they need lot's of activity, attention and love. I was able to cut back on Hal's chewing by keeping him very active and limiting his access to all the house. During the really big chew phase (he has passed this now.) We gated off areas of the house, this way we could limit his access to things that we did not want him to chew.  For us the best thing with bitting was to offer him an alternative whenever he did.
Tonight we are working on cleaning up his toys. every time I say toy he brings me one of his toys and gets a cookie. Training can be tiring and seem endless, but IT IS WORTH the effort you and your pet will be thankful for the time you put in!  


Answer by Mrmo
Submitted on 12/14/2005
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He is a puppy! He is trying just being playfull and the way you need to cure him biting you like that is to roll his lower lip over his bottom teeth and push down he will soon learn that ouch that hurts and will soon stop biting like that. He just needs training like most new pet owners do.


Answer by Suzeys
Submitted on 2/3/2006
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You should have thought long and hard about the consequences and hard work involved with a new puppy. Did you really think a growing puppy (especially a lab) would not chew? It takes a long time to train a dog to be a great dog. People who are not willing to put up with the bad should not buy one. Maybe you should have gotten a cat.


Answer by Heather
Submitted on 2/8/2006
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To stop a puppy from biting you or an extension of you (e.g. leash, sleeve), you should yelp, retract your hand, sleeve, leash into your body and act like it hurt.

Puppies will yelp at a littermate if s/he becomes too aggressive and the biting/playing typically stops immediately.


Answer by marinman
Submitted on 2/20/2006
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I have an 18 wk old yellow lab. his name is rusty. he is my 3rd lab and i have never owned a more obedient,eager to learn and understand,dog. Lab Puppies want to smell,lick,taste and chew everything that comes within their eyesight.But they are so eager to please their master that a little patience and allot of love will make your lab the most loyal and amazingly intelligent animal you have ever seen.without being cruel just let them know what pleases you and what does not. They are really much easier than teaching children.

                ENJOY!, Steve


Answer by lab lover
Submitted on 2/21/2006
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labs always chew when they are young. Eventually they stop,but if they continue to bite you have to tell themno in a stern tone and not pet them anymore. Trust me my lab Rufus hates when your not petting him and every dog I have ever met hates not having attention. They will eventually stop the biting because they know if they bite they won't get any attention. If you just give up and get rid of the dog you weren't ready for the responsibility or patience for a dog to begin with.


Answer by Mike
Submitted on 2/25/2006
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My wife and I just got a 9 week old female Yellow Lab and love her.  Yes, she chews on stuff and we expected that, we bought a book on how to train her and she is already picking up on it.  Don't give up, puppies are just like kids, you just need patience and be willing to spend the time with you dog, it will pay off.


Answer by heythere75
Submitted on 3/1/2006
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I had a yellow lab. Got it at 7wks, Thought I'd go nuts until I had him nuetered. What a sweetheart he turned out to be.But I had to give him up because we live in town and those dogs need to run. If you can rub with him every day it will help but we are both in our middle 70's. It wasn't good for the dog. He now lives on a 160 acre farm where he can run his heart out. That's the way it should be for that breed of dog.We go and see him once a month.


Answer by julia
Submitted on 3/16/2006
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dear elafern
do not return your lab because you will miss it dearly . when the dog bites , say ''no bite'' than ignore him for 5 mins and than play with him . IM A DOG EXPERT AND I HAVE A YELLOW LAB MYSELF .



Answer by Harleys Dad
Submitted on 3/18/2006
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When the dog tries to chew on your hand, hold the jaw with thumb under tongue and fore finger under chin from the front.  While holding, repeat "No Mouth".  After a very short time all you'll have to do is say "No Mouth"....Your dog will stop altogether in time.  This has worked on many of my dogs and friends dogs.  It will help stop licking if you don't want the dog to lick too.


Answer by rod
Submitted on 5/18/2006
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Dogs Bite because they are teething for new teeth are going to come in soon


Answer by MI MI
Submitted on 6/5/2006
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Answer by whodey
Submitted on 6/8/2006
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why does his fireman keep coming out?????


Answer by tawny
Submitted on 8/3/2006
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when he trys to bite say NO loudly and stearn and then once he stops praise him


Answer by bambam
Submitted on 9/6/2006
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crate the dog--it will train his bladder and protect him from himself.(extension cords).....and supervise him when he is outside.


Answer by MotoEmt
Submitted on 11/3/2006
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I have an 11 month old male lab, he also chews everything!  This morning he ate my remote for my DVD Player.  It was really my fault because I left it where he could get it while I was out of the house. But all the same, it's frustrating. The only thing he eats (whole) is my 'unmentionables'. I swear he has a fetish for them. It's the only thing he wants. I've had to put them under 'lock and key' to keep him away from them otherwise he breaks into the closed and steals the dirty ones. other than this, I don't know how to break him of it....


Answer by peaceful lab lover
Submitted on 11/28/2006
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Don't you people know a Lab is a PUPPY until it reaches the age of two or even 3 years old?
You have two-three years of torture (and love), then if you've been consistant with your commands, you'll have a beautiful dog for the rest of it's life. I just lost my yellow lab after 12 1/2 years and couldn't be more heartbroken. My dog understood over 250 words and commands, no kidding.
Try the "lip roll" trick for mouthing. It works everytime. Your dog tries to mouth your hand, you simply roll their lip under there top teeth by placing your hand on top of their snout (I use my thumb) and they bite themselves! Brilliant, and believe me, this problem will be gone in a matter of days. I've got lot's of training tips. If anyone needs them, I have a lifetime of dog experience.


Answer by Duh
Submitted on 1/10/2007
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Dogs are active animals and are used to running in packs.  It runs in their blood and it will NEVER change.  Dogs, ANY DOGS, need a lot of activity and exercise. Exercise that the owners would greatly benefit from themselves.  You cannot be lazy and own a dog!  It just doesn't work.  You're dog needs at least 45 minutes of strong walks with some running.  Also, fetching is a great way to burn some energy.  Tire your dog out and there will be nothing left in him (or her) for biting.  Keep in mind puppies nibble and bite - they teethe just like humans.  Be PATIENT and GET ACTIVE!!!


Answer by 2 easy
Submitted on 1/16/2007
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take it to the farm


Answer by are you stupid ?
Submitted on 2/8/2007
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its not the dog . its you . dogs don't train themselves . baby chew on things too . its called teething . maybe you should have researched puppies before you went and bought one . although its rather obvious that puppies chew things . wahh . get over it .


Answer by Beth
Submitted on 2/12/2007
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I have a yellow lab who is 8 months old. He used to bit my hands and arms and I'd have scratches everywhere.  I read where I should shout "OW!" quite loudly whenever he would do that and honestly, he stopped within one day.   My dog is not used to being shouted at, so it really worked.  If you are in the habit of shouting at your dog when he disobeys, you should consider classes and get some training.  Your doggie really does love you and isn't trying to drive you crazy.  Learn to communicate with him--I went to classes for other issues with my dog and it was a great help.


Answer by me 2
Submitted on 2/20/2007
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You all suck and you have no dog advise, you shouldnt own a dog never mind breed a human!!!!


Answer by jess
Submitted on 4/16/2007
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you should have looked into the personalities and traits of a lab before you got it


Answer by Tebo
Submitted on 5/4/2007
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Our lab (1 1/2yr) now loves to chew too.  We tried many toys and found tennis balls do trick.  Plus, sticks outside he loves to chew.  The biting is a puppy thing and eventually it lessens but our dog still will "bite" some times in play and we just tell him "NO" and  you have to be strong.


Answer by me too
Submitted on 5/23/2007
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yelp loudly. that is what they do when their hurt. they will know what you mean.


Answer by lab mom
Submitted on 6/20/2007
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I have a 5 month old yellow lab ~ my first puppy, and she is wonderful.  I work with her in almost the same manner as I worked with my son ~ lots of love, consistency, and positive reinforcement.  Remember, 8 weeks is VERY young.  He is just now beginning to learn.  When he nips you, just give out a very exaggerated "oooouuuuu" and stop the play for a moment.  (There are great lessons to be learned from watching litter-mates ... they yelp when one bites too hard.)  Remind him to "be gentle".  It takes some time, but it does work.  ALSO stock up on chew toys.  However, also like a toddler, he will get bored, so don't give them all at once. Chew sticks work great at 8 weeks.  When he chews on something valuable,  gently wrap your hands around his muzzle as you say "no".  Turn him away from the object, then immediately give him a chewie as you say "yes".  VERY similar to distraction technique with children, PLUS you are teaching what is OK and NOT OK to chew.  Also, anything on the floor is fair game, so you should puppy-proof your home during this period.  (Again, just like you would with a small child.)  Lastly, give him LOTS of exercise.  Labs are high energy dogs, and if he's not getting several good runs a day, then some of this energy will come out in destructive behavior.  I hired a neighbor young'to help out with this.  The plus is that her 'walker' is a kid, too.  They play as much as they run.  It's not a large expense, and it's MUCH cheaper than replacing furniture.   Also, Google "lab + training" and you'll find LOTS of good suggestions and come away with a much better understanding of the breed and their needs.  The GOOD news is that labs are smart, and they want to please.  You just need lots of patience, and a willingness to teach.  Again, 8 weeks is VERY young, but NOT too young to begin training.  In just a few short weeks, you will notice a difference.  In my view, yelling and pinning-down are not required at this stage; you can accomplish the very same thing with understanding the breed (knowledge), love, firm but gentle instructions, lots of exercise, and consistency.  

Hope this helps and good luck.


Answer by Susu
Submitted on 7/20/2007
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It takes 2 years!!  My lab Benson ate the exterior door jam of my house.  But once he stopped he was so worth it.  


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