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had a run in last night with what i thought was normal...

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Question by Liz
Submitted on 11/1/2003
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had a run in last night with what i thought was normal weed. But to my suprise, after only 3 hits, i didnt feel normal. Yes i had been drinking but not very much, not drunk at any means. I began to feel very light headed and when i got up i couldnt walk. My legs felt like jello and i had to lay down. I have smoked many times and much more then what i had last night and the effects have never been that extreme. I laid down on a couch and literally could see and hear everything going on, and talk but couldnt move. i noticed that sometimes my heart would beat fast and other times my breathing was soo slow that i felt sort of sedated. I was shaking from head to toe (not sweating) and my teeth were even chattering. I didnt know if i was cold or not but my whole body was shaking. My roomate ended up coming to get me and even in my own bed i was paranoid and thought someone was going to break into my house (like the worried feeling you get when you trip on shrooms) i was worried about stuff. I knew something wasnt right. This had never happened before and even today i feel weak and a little shakey. SO my question is... was the marijuana i smoked laced with something? I havent yet found anything that really matched my effects of last night. I would like to know what you think and what happened... THANKS

Answer by MC.Mags
Submitted on 12/5/2003
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Sounds like you got 'wet'. It's pot laced with formaldehyde I think...I don't now much, you could look it up.
Hope I helped :]


Answer by Lucian Nailo
Submitted on 12/10/2003
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Sounds kind of normal for me... same stuff as usual, just a little stronger... maybe you got stronger weed with higher THC content or something *shrug* ... I don't know, because I stopped smoking awhile back..


Answer by mike
Submitted on 1/4/2004
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I had a similar experience the first time i got high...maybe it was just that it was my first time...but i had 3 hits off of a joint and felt just as u described.  maybe it was the same stuff :)


Answer by potgod
Submitted on 6/10/2004
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the first time i got high i felt like that and havent been able to fine weed that good but it wasnt lased it was good dro


Answer by the dude
Submitted on 6/30/2004
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i used to smoke loads and was at a friends once and he had some 'strong stuff' which made me laugh at him cos it wasn't anything special and I've seen and smoked it all. i had a glass of vino too, as there was some kicking around. shortly after i felt warm so went to stand outside. i made it out of the lounge door and felt a bit dizzy. I thought id stood up too quick but presumed it wold pass in a couple of seconds. i took 2 more steps and felt myself fading out. i sat on the steps for 1 sec and thought 'this isn't going to stop'. i thought 'I'm not going to pass out alone...ill get some help' and so back into the lounge and just then half passed out against the door frame..shaking, couldn't see anything. was OK after a long sit down. no idea what it was to this day.


Answer by radn
Submitted on 1/10/2005
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I have had that experience too.....I think what it is, is that when you smoke, your insides speed up, but your outsides slow down....there are going to be times in your life where your body can't take it and will have to try and shut down to fix the problem.  Drink lots of water if that ever happends again and you will be fine in a few hours.


Answer by MJ
Submitted on 3/10/2005
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Sounds like you had an anxiety attack which is caused by the pot..Something was definitely screwy with your emotional zone if you were NOID and shaky..Somewhere in your brain was effected by the chemical in the weed..can happen with any drug..Like xanax..alcohol..etc..I've had those many times on many different pot highs..I've realized that when I am straight I feel much clearer and healthy and HAPPY!Most pot smokers can't admit over a period of time that they are effected..It is fact! Come on people we have been here before with alcohol..Remember the dark ages...  


Answer by Crackhead
Submitted on 4/6/2005
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Stop smoking crack you idiots


Answer by missy
Submitted on 6/15/2005
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well your weed was probably laced with crack/coacaine and could have opium (made from herion) in it, and i had that one time in my joint and it totally made me feel alot more different than just smoking weed in itself, ive smoked weed plenty of times but it never felt like that one time...well hope i hope that answered something for ya :)


Answer by pottsy
Submitted on 10/2/2005
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I had some pot once that taisted like turkey and made me halucinate do you know what that was


Answer by massada
Submitted on 12/17/2005
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The feeling you get with paranoia, and the up and down feeling with the heart beat are associated with hallucinogens, which marijuana is.  Also....if you were very tired that day you could have felt the drug enhance.  Being tired and taking drugs essentially catalyzes or inhibits the consumption.  Being tired would definitely do that, and a possible catabolic state could do that too.  Being tired and taking stimulants would probably cause you to feel awake, but not that edgy.  There are many things to it, but I assume it was not laced with anything, but if it was it was probably a hallucinogen that was more severe than marijuana.


Answer by eurig
Submitted on 5/13/2006
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I had a similar experience a few nights ago I smoked some really good weed and got as you described + sweating bullets... I went out to my car to leave where I was and cranked my AC/windows down on a cold rainy night and the cold air sobered me up within a minute or 2 and I was very greatfull... I wish I knew what it was it kinda erks me out now when I smoke. Btw I smoke 3 blunts a day of dro so its not like im a rookie that got in to deep or something


Answer by meh
Submitted on 10/20/2006
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uhh well the other day i had some PCP oiled weed (i didn't know what it was at the time)and apparently that meant that instead of putting PCP oil in the soil so it grows with the plant, the
whole plant is dipped in the oil and dried after, i only had a few hits and i was pretty mest up, which was fairly confusing cause i didn't really know why it was happening, any way  
i couldn't really fall asleep and i got kinda paranoid and stuff.  I dunno if that has anything to do with this but i found the stuff kinda weird.


Answer by charles
Submitted on 3/7/2007
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im unsure if ur weed was laced but the same thing happened to me a few weeks ago, i had smoked the pot a couple times before and was fine, but this time i felt the same way u did except i threw up twice....i think i just got sick because i was too high and it was the only way of my body dispelling the weed


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