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How would being able to grow marijuana provide jobs?

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Question by pops
Submitted on 10/6/2003
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How would being able to grow marijuana provide jobs?

Answer by mike
Submitted on 1/4/2004
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The hemp plant has so many practical uses its insane.  The agricultural industry isnt exactly climbing through the 21st century.  By allowing farmers to grow these hemp plants would bring many farms out of debt and allow them to hire new workers.  Furthermore, if marijuana was legalized as a drug, government jobs with good benefits would open up for agriculturists to grow high quality weed with high potency.


Answer by CJH
Submitted on 1/21/2004
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By legalizing marijuana, which would in turn pave the way for legalizing hemp many people would benefit. Person's could sell hemp seeds, as well as grow it for the many uses it provides.(rope, clothes, food, petroleum, etc.) Factories, thus workers, would be needed to create the various product that hemp creates. Many people have been incarcerated or charged with minor marijuana possession across the country, which has destroyed their ability to go to college, get jobs, etc. With the legalization of marijuana these people would be able to work and contribute to society instead of the black market. Overall the economy would get a huge boost, not to mention the ability for the government or states to tax,distribute, and regulate the sale of marijuana.


Answer by igethigh
Submitted on 2/5/2004
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Right on CJH. The question shouldn't be how could marijuana create jobs but why hasn't there been steps forward to legalize it instead of steps back to fight a NEVER ENDING war.  


Answer by liam roche
Submitted on 3/20/2005
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pot is the best thing that eva happened to me i love it


Answer by 4hi2rollin0
Submitted on 5/7/2005
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Think about it.  Corn vs marijuana monetary value over the course of a year.  It's insane.  One weed plant outdoor gets thousands of dollars itself in profit, a corn plant of the same size?  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA nothing!!!!!!!!!  It is already the number one cash crop, why not let it be legal and have tax revenue too?  It's already created jobs, they just aren't recognized by Uncle Sam yet.


Answer by superman
Submitted on 5/10/2005
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Everyone from the above is right and why shouldn't the governmant step in and make a differance. If they was to legalize marijuana it would be good for society and for the government. They would be able to collect taxes and create more jobs for everyone and right we the people need more jobs now more than ever. Not only would it create jobs it would also lower crime rates, because from 1990 to 2004 fifty percent of drug crimes were for marijuana. Now think about it if fifty percent of crimes was reduced than we would come to a better society. Those crimes include selling, growing and killings due to drugs.


Answer by Jacks
Submitted on 5/19/2005
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Marijuana would not help jobs, because then the people working on it would get addicted. Who wants more people to die? We want a bigger population, not a smaller one.


Answer by andy
Submitted on 11/30/2005
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i think that legalising weed would also be beneficial to people with high blood pressure and also i agree that no steps have been taken for legalising it , we should start a champain to legalise it


Answer by FUZZ
Submitted on 12/7/2005
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The pro's for legalizing marijuana would be almost endless. Not only would it create more jobs, but would also create more room in jails for real criminals(i.e. rapists,killers,thieves,...)Not non threatening pot smokers. It would also benefit the ill and suffering people. It costs half the money to make paper out of hemp than it does a tree. So you would also be saving our forests as well.


Answer by joey
Submitted on 1/24/2006
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Smokin weed is a dicient tool for relaxin, and a fun recreational drug. If you get high you dont want to go out and break laws, you want kick back and have fun. The same can not be said for alchaol use.


Answer by hope
Submitted on 3/7/2006
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idk but i like smoking pot


Answer by johnny5
Submitted on 3/28/2006
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how do you do the FIM tactic? like make one shoot turn into many?


Answer by auxhead
Submitted on 7/8/2006
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Good question.  You can not only create jobs, but also reduce the crime rate and generate revenue!  Beat the pushers at their own game and help to alleviate the senseless deaths that occur due to illegal activity.  Legalize it, tax the hell out of it, and undercut the street price.  Put the tax money generated from sales toward the national deficit.  If they want control, then have the government run it.  Create federal and state jobs cultivating, quality control, textiles, taxation, sales; the list is endless.  Think about all the people who work for the alcohol and tobacco industries.  Those are far more dangerous drugs than marijuana.  I know what my new job would be.  And why haven't they learned that prohibition doesn't work and you can't legislate morality?  Hell, we canít do any worse than the FDA already has, what with approving drugs such as DES that later caused horrible birth defects?  Marijuana is a safe and beautiful drug.  I have a great story for you that demonstrates what I observed first hand about just one of the many benefits of marijuana....

My mother was undergoing chemotherapy.  The treatments made her violently ill, and none of the conventional anti-nausea drugs seemed to help.  I convinced her to drink marijuana tea to overcome the nausea.  At first she was skeptical, but so desperate for relief she agreed to give it a try.  The transformation was absolutely amazing!!  She went from green-faced, about to vomit, to feeling completely fine in a matter of 30 minutes.  We then went out to an all-you can-eat buffet, where she ate 3 plates of food, and kept it down!  There was NO negative side effect whatsoever, unless you count giggling.  We were quite stunned, and very happy with the results.  

I just can't understand why there is such a fuss over this all-natural wonder drug.  

Again, even when used recreationally, it is much safer than alcohol or tobacco.  The only real drawback is smoking it, in which case it can be made into tea or cookies and many other edible items.    By eliminating the highly questionable delivery system of smoking it, marijuana is one of the safest drugs there is.   Much safer than the many chemical medications that doctors routinely prescribe.

We need to demand that Government stop controlling our bodies.  It's obvious to see that they don't have our best interests at heart, due to the commercial promotion and distribution of many other (far more dangerous) drugs such as alcohol, tobacco, and the newer "designer drug" antidepressants such as Prozac and Zoloft.  We are not being told the entire story.  This is an outrage and it needs to stop.      


Answer by whitey313
Submitted on 11/23/2006
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free the weed


Answer by DJ Pyro the toker
Submitted on 12/16/2006
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they don't legalize it because they want to have order and control... like this stupid natural milk and non pasteurizing it fight... if the government legalizes that or marijuana then they'll be attacked to legalize everything else that isn't bad for us... if we start using everything that isn't bad for us there wont be any drug addiction thus no deaths etc... there your answer NO DEATHS... it all keeps the population down


Answer by john humperdink
Submitted on 5/7/2007
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hemp is good marajuana is good all drugs are good for you in every way!!!!!!


Answer by big richy
Submitted on 6/28/2007
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word up


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