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Doberman owners for past 24 years... Lost our 7th one to...

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Question by Audree
Submitted on 9/28/2003
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Doberman owners for past 24 years... Lost our 7th one to 'twisted gut' a few months ago... Adopted # 8 last month...Bentley is 4 months old & had a horrible history the month prior (passed around to five different homes & haphazard food & water schedules) We are deeply concerned about his EXCESSIVE water intake... Not sure if it's desperation & fear resulting from past OR if it's a health disorder. Vet is talking a doing "The Water Deprivation Test" to ascertain if he can concentrate his urine. But I'm dragging my feet as it sounds so stressful to take Bentley out of out of our stable environment so soon AND withhold water! We're wondering if anyone in this group has had any experience with similiar disorders?similiar

Answer by DieselRox
Submitted on 4/11/2004
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By twisted gut are you referring to bloat? I would try to do any tests now before it's too late. Bloat is serious, you should take your vet up on the test he encourages most.


Answer by wolf  artist
Submitted on 9/16/2005
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I think your instincts are right on. I think the testing could wait for a little while till the dog gets adjusted to his new surroundings. I think he has been traumatised by all the moving. Dobies are so sensitive. When I first got the dobie I have now he was a mess. He had been starved and probably beaten, as he would shake when people got near him. He had some behavior problems I had to overcome. It took me six months to get him comfortable about eating in the house. But he is a different dog now. He is confident and loves people and being pet, which he would like you to do 24/7 he is a real lover. So I think if you take time to give your dog lots of love and TLC the problem may even disapear, if not in a month or so he would probably be up to the test.


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