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Training Suggestions for 8 week lab pup. I have a 8 week...

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Question by smiguel
Submitted on 9/24/2006
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Training Suggestions for 8 week lab pup.

I have a 8 week lab that I had for 1 week. She is coming along great I
think, but I just think Im doing somethings wrong or can improve on.

-She is getting used to the potty training. She only pee'sin her
crate when I leave her in there for long periods of time, because of
work (not her fault, I think)

- She sits on command, unless there are other distractions (80% of the time)

- She sits before crossing the street unless I tell her to cross it

- She is learning to sit and stay before strangers pet her or say hi

- She mostly plays with her toys (95% of the time)

Things that Im not sure I am doing right

- She cries alot when I take her for walks. I try to take her to
different places and different routes so she can see as much as
possible. She usually walks on either side of me, almost never ahead
of me, unless in the grass area behind my apartment where I let her be
free a bit and let her explore. The grass area is were I bring out her
rope or ball to let her play, but she chews it for a bit and then
leaves it and tries jumping and snapping my hand. I say no and take
her toy and wait until she settles down from jumping and then throw
her rope or ball for her to grab, but the whole cycle continues.

- As for crate training she does well. However she never goes in by
herself when I tell her its bed time. I have to pick her up and put
her in. She might cry for a bit but then she goes to sleep.

- She is starting to bark for me to open the crate door when I am not
around. I have never opened it when she is crying or barking, Im
actually not in her sight when she does. I wait until I hear silence
for at least 15 seconds before opening the door and then walking away.
My concern is that I live in an apt and don't want my neighbors to
complain. For the first week I slept on the floor beside the crate
(her inside and door closed) and every day moved closer and closer to
the couch, and yesterday was the first day I slept in my bed ...
however she barked majority of the night.

Well I hope you can give me some suggestions if Im doing this right,
because she is the start of my family and want her well trained.

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