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I am a 43 yr. female living with severe pain in both my...

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Question by ChickenboneCharlie
Submitted on 8/27/2003
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I am a 43 yr. female living with severe pain in both my shoulders and lower lumbar area.
I have had sugeries to remove discs between vertebre and now suffer with 2 pinched nerves, one in the neck and one between L3 and L4 in my lower spine. The narcotic painkillers I have do absolutely nothing to relieve the pain...they're great if you want to feel all dungy and tired.  In the past i have used marijuana (smoked thru a pipe) and during the 3 yrs. I did, my pain diminished substatially.  Of course our goverment refuses to acknowledge the benefits of cannibis use in any way shape of form. Should it ever become legalized I believe that will not come in my lifetime.  So, because of misinformed, misguided, goverment leaders..I expect a dead end to my treatment ever utilizing the cannibis herb.
If at all possible, please lead me in such a direction to be able to obtain the medicinal miricle known as marijuana.  Any info you or your group could offer me would be truly appreciated.  May God Bless....and I hope to hear someting from you soon.  
Most Sincerely,  Christine // email: Pusscakes1960@Yahoo.com  Phone:620 597 2467

Answer by Stic Nick
Submitted on 1/4/2004
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If you ever happened to move to Canada, there is medical marijuana available.


Answer by Adam
Submitted on 3/17/2004
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there is 1 solution to your problem other than move.  Get enough people to rise up and say, "if anything be done at least make marijuana a prescription drug" cuz i m right there with u i m 52 and have very similar problems.


Answer by MR GLASS
Submitted on 10/8/2004
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Answer by Kevin
Submitted on 11/23/2005
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I'm 17 and I suffer from the same problem, a pinched nerve in my neck, causing severe pain running down my right arm.  this problem was caused by a wrestling injury about a year ago, and after a few different treatments and prescriptions but with no relief.  about this time is when i began using marijuana, occasionally at first, but when i found that it helped my pain, i began using marijuana daily.  unfortunately, this did not fly with my parents or administrators in my school so recently i have had to cease us of this miracle herb.  i had almost forgotten about my shoulder and arm pain but after a few days of not using, the pain came right back.  unfortunately i cannot use marijuana anymore until i leave home and graduate high school so until then i have tough out the pain, unless anyone knows of a way that i could sweet talk my local doctor into giving the people around me the ok for using marijuana.     thanks for listening.


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