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I am looking at buying a Cavoodle, and as they are a newish...

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Question by india
Submitted on 8/26/2003
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I am looking at buying a Cavoodle, and as they are a newish breed I was wondering if anyone knew if they were as good with kids as the Cavalier pure breed?  Thanks

Answer by Brenda
Submitted on 9/30/2003
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No one should ever cross breed dogs the pound is filled with cross breed dogs that need good homes. As a CKCS owner it is very sad someone would consider cross breeding this kind of dog.
If I were you I would not support the breeder that has chosen to do this. True breeders breed for top quality to reach the AKC standard this type of dog is not AKC.


Answer by Violet
Submitted on 10/2/2003
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I had a cav-a-poo or a cavoodle as some people call them, and she was such a gorgeous dog. I highly doubt you would ever find one of these rare crossbreeds in a pound or animal humane society. Unfortunately she died Monday night at only 7 months old because she was born with a bad liver. It broke mine and my sisters heart. I have been looking for another puppy but it is impossible to find one exactly like her. I'm not trying to replace her because her personality could never be replaced but i hate coming home and not hearing her scratch at her cage so she could come out and play. Her tail was clipped and was an apricot color with cream down her chest which is rare. She was extremely affectionate and playful. I miss her terribly. If you happen to find one of these crossbreeds please let me know and if you decide to adopt one i am almost positive you would not regret it.


Answer by Tudy
Submitted on 1/20/2004
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You know, for those who are against crossbreeding are those who are afraid of finding an animal more beautiful than theirs and with a better temperament. I recently bought a pug-a-wawa and he is the best dog that I have ever had, even better then any purebred Brenda. He is neutered and you won't find one of my dog's babies in the pound. Besides, the objective is not to make these dogs AKC, but if this happens, more power to the breeders.


Answer by Brenda
Submitted on 1/27/2004
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Tudy sorry to hear you don't know much about dogs do you.


Answer by Neete
Submitted on 1/29/2004
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I am also looking for a Cavoodle breeder in NSW - so if anyone out there can help please


Answer by qwert
Submitted on 2/5/2004
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i think cavoodels are great pets


Answer by Cavoodleonwer
Submitted on 2/18/2004
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i have just bought a Cav-a-poo or a Cavoodle and they are great with kids. My puppy is very active and loves to play. Iwould strongly suggust getting one!


Answer by Tanisha
Submitted on 2/19/2004
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There is nothing wrong with the cross dogs and they may be great but beware of breeders selling these dogs for over $200. They are probably here to chisel you. The dogs may be great but go to a breeder that will give you the right price, and isn't just in it for ripping people off so they can make money. That type of breeder makes me so mad and PLEASE don't support them. The dog may be great but actually is a mutt. Mutt by the way is not a bad word. It just means that you will get a great dog for a better price. Don't pay anything over at the most $300 dollars. I've heard of these dogs for under $100. That's how you want to do business. Good luck to you all in your searches!


Answer by Lea
Submitted on 2/22/2004
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I have a Cavoodle and she is the most well natured dog. So loving and great with children. She is a little individual and we love her dearly. She loves people, I would recommend anyone who wants an affectionate dog to get one!


Answer by kirk
Submitted on 3/11/2004
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how do you think that pure breeds start off Brenda? obviously breeds are crossed to get different breeds so don't say that other people don't know about dogs when its clearly you that needs to do some research. i think cross breeds are one of a kind and have their own personalities. cavoodles are lovely dogs with a great personality.


Answer by Mikaela
Submitted on 4/6/2004
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Brenda, it is elitist dog owners like you that make me hate the whole idea of owning an AKC standard breed (whilst I do, but do not crow about it).
Cavoodle's are gorgeous animals with a lovely temperament, good for the whole family, and are suitable for small yards. They benefit from a regular walk and a run in open space but do not need excessive exercise.
Depending on whether the pup leans more towards the poodle or cavalier breed, it will need between 1-4 brushes per week.


Answer by lawz
Submitted on 4/24/2004
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I have recently bought my gorgeous puppy cavoodle named Oliver out of the trading post from a breeder. He has a wonderful temprement and he is not yappy like my friends KC cavalier. He is very energetic but he also snuggles up on the coach with me at night or in the day. I highly recommend anyone to get one as they are the friendliest dogs around. I love him and I'm sure if you bought one you would be very happy.


Answer by Bob
Submitted on 4/26/2004
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Having previously owned CKCS's I must say they are a wonderful dog, but both of my dogs died young due to CHF, even though the breeder assured me the parents had been cleared. I am all for a cavoodle, as this cross breeding can only strengthen the dog and lesson the chance of disease that the pure breds have become known for.


Answer by Andy
Submitted on 4/26/2004
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Brenda, I have to agree with Mikaela. Quit spilling your ignorance on this messageboard. If you knew anything about the Cavoodle, you'd post something constructive. The Cavoodle is actually considered a hybrid designer dog. I have had Raven for 3 months now and think this is by far the best breed of dog I have ever owned. And yes, this is my first "mix". I have always owned purebreds.


Answer by Josephine
Submitted on 4/29/2004
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Pets Paradise in Miranda Westfield NSW has Cavoodles and have the name of breeders.


Answer by Jim
Submitted on 6/4/2004
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Simple Biology 101, the more you mix the gene pool the healthier the animal.  Purebred does not equal quality, biologically it is just the opposite.  Ask a vet the incidence of health problems in a mixed breed versus a highly inbred (purebred) dog.  Especially in the Cavalier now with the identification of Syringomyelia as a  problem, seems like breeding to another breed would insure no incidence of this serious disease.  HOw come it's not Poolier?


Answer by Kylie
Submitted on 8/3/2004
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I myself am a Cavoodle owner and breeder and I think they are the most beautiful tempered dog , as a child carer I see how wonderful they are with children .  


Answer by Maree
Submitted on 8/7/2004
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I am looking for a CAVOODLE breeder in Brisbane.  if anyone knows of one, could you please let me know.
Many thanks


Answer by merrelyn
Submitted on 9/6/2004
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We are in Qld. We breed Cavoodles and they are wonderful dogs. Every dog we have sold the people think they are great dogs.the dogs have beautiful temperments and are wonderful children pets.


Answer by Jenny
Submitted on 9/6/2004
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Having recently taken on the huge responsibility of owning a dog after many many years we came upon 'Jake' our 10 week old cavoodle. He is an absolute joy and wonderful with children and adults alike. I for one would strongly recommend them for the family pet.


Answer by Jane M.
Submitted on 9/23/2004
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Although we do not have a Cavoodle, we do have a Poodle crossed with a Lhasa Apso, I call him a Lasoodle.  He is the most affectionate gorgeous dog who is fantastic with children.  He has the good qualities of both breeds, especially his coat which is non shedding and curly like wool.  We are planning on getting a second dog soon and will definitely look at another "designer" breed such as Cavoodle or Spoodle.


Answer by Jill
Submitted on 11/10/2004
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does anyone know where i can get a cav-a-poo (cavoodle) near tennessee/arkansas border?


Answer by Dani
Submitted on 12/7/2004
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I'm looking to buy a cavoodle but i'm having problems finding a breeder in nsw or qld. does anyone know of any??
i dont want to buy from a petshop or a puppie farm as i have heard thats not a good idea.
any help apreciated


Answer by macsma
Submitted on 12/10/2004
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Just wanted to let you all know that we just puchased a Cavoodle.  He is the most beautiful, loving affectionate baby.....cheeky too!  Can't imagine a life with out him!!!!


Answer by michelle
Submitted on 12/31/2004
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Brenda, you are pathetic! What a sad attitude. You are missing out on so much.


Answer by BRndaHATA
Submitted on 1/21/2005
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Your a moron Brenda.


Answer by cavoodle owner
Submitted on 1/24/2005
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Cavoodles are excellent pets.. They are very fun with kids and are playful and energenic..


Answer by Jen
Submitted on 2/14/2005
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I am also looking for a Cavoodle for my 14 year old son.  I am in contact with a local Central Coast NSW breeder and hope to bring home a puppy later this year.  I am very interested in the responses I have read here, having experienced a very blunt & off-putting conversation with a CKCS breeder on the Cavoodle subject, I am heartened to find some positive comments here.  Thank You.


Answer by sherryn
Submitted on 3/2/2005
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I am thinking of getting a cavoodle. But i had 2 questions. Poodles are nippy, and i personally hate them, Doesn't poodle trate mix into the Cavoodle jean? King charles cav i heard are beautiful dogs-but moult alot. Does the poodle in the King charles cav stop it from malting so much?
Email me back if you have the answer


Answer by Kellie
Submitted on 3/2/2005
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I have recently been given a Cavoodle as a wedding anniversary present from my husband.  I have never had the joy of owning a dog due to my severe allergies to fur, but I have had no problems what so ever in regards to itching, asthma, welts, hives etc.  Charli is the most adorable caramel coloured puppy who loves to play and muck around but will snuggle up for a cuddle and a nap at any given chance.  Wake up Brenda as there are people out there like me who can't enjoy "Pure Bred" animals.


Answer by Mike
Submitted on 3/22/2005
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Friends have had poodle mixes and they've been great fun little dogs, but I used to have a cavalier...  Know any Cavoodle breeders in the WA area? Please let me know.

pic (at) eppley (dot) net

Sorry, don't want spam ;)


Answer by Jessi
Submitted on 3/31/2005
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I have an 11 month old apricot coloured cavoodle, and she is the best thing in the entire world.  she's only the size of a cat, and it just perfect for my townhouse with a medium sized back yard.  She lives inside with me, but has a doggy door, and does what she likes.  She entertains herself as necessary, but loves to snuggle with me when I'm around.  I take her for a walk for an hour or so every day, but that's more for me than her...she doesn't need much exercise...just a good play every day.  But she does have boundless energy when I want to play and I have the energy to keep up with her.  She doesn't bark (except at the pesky cat next door) or cry but it a good little guard cause she always alerts me to strange noises.  She's incredibly smart (sometimes too smart!!!) but very lovable and cuddly.  Plus, she doesn't loose ANY hair at all.  She's got wavy hair, and I wash and brush her about once a week.  Very low maintenance.  I even do all her clipping and grooming myself with no trouble at all, cause she's so well behaved.  Oh, and she LOVES kids, plays and talks to anyone who will look at her, but is gentle enough that she couldn't hurt anyone if she tried (not that she ever would).  All in all, a wonderful dog.


Answer by john
Submitted on 4/25/2005
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can you tell me where to find one


Answer by Loren Rhodes
Submitted on 4/26/2005
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Hi my name is Loren.
I am wondering if any one can tell me if 'Cavoodle' dogs have fur or hair like a poodle, because my parents are looking at buying me one. But I need to know this info because I am allergic to animals with fur. And also if they are more inside dogs or outside dogs.


Answer by tensix76
Submitted on 4/27/2005
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does anyone know where i can get a cavoodle in the GTA?


Answer by helen
Submitted on 6/11/2005
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In ENgland we call them charlie doodles and I have had one for two years, he is more like a child than a child, eats from my plate drinks from my cup, sleeps in my bed and I would never be without him.


Answer by Kathy
Submitted on 6/13/2005
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My friend just bought a cavapoo and it is the cutest dog I have ever seen.  It has such an adorable disposition, very friendly and loving.  I would love to have one but can not find one.  The ones I have found that are reserved already have been priced at $1,000 to $1,400.  Also I would love to know the average weight of a full grown cavapoo.


Answer by Stace
Submitted on 6/29/2005
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Hi everyone! My Tibetan Spaniel passed away over a week ago and the house ceratinly isn't the same without her precious soul. We have been doing research about the cavoodle but do not know of any breeders on the Gold Coast or in Brisbane. Could anyone please help????


Answer by Cav Hunter
Submitted on 7/6/2005
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Poolier sounds stupid you idiot


Answer by Nicky
Submitted on 7/6/2005
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I was on my way home the other day, and I stopped in at a pet shop and that is where I first saw a Cavoodle.  I fell in love with her the instant I saw her.  She is the most beautiful dog I have ever seen.  I now just have to talk my dad into getting her.  But so far, I have not found one thing wrong with her.   I can't wait until the day I bring her back to her new home.


Answer by Courtney
Submitted on 7/13/2005
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I just brought a cavoodle and she is the most loving dog I have ever owned. I got Tinkabell from the pet centre in Parkwood on the Goldcoast. Her breeder lives in Uralla NSW I have her details if anyone wants the name and number of this particular breeder courtney05@bigpond.com


Answer by Stepha
Submitted on 7/20/2005
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i just bought a cavoodle from hornsby his name is Henry he is the most gorgeous puppy ever i would reccommend him to anybody!


Answer by jill
Submitted on 9/22/2005
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OK, I'm sold.  Anyone know of a reputable place in Victoria to get hold of a cavoodle?

PS: It's a PET Brenda, not a bloody ornament.  Get off your high horse, most of us want dogs as friends, not as some sort of status symbol.


Answer by kirstie jones
Submitted on 10/16/2005
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i have CFS so i am constantly without energy, i found the cavoodle to be the perfect breed for me, i only had my puppy for a week and then it died of his heart stopped working, if anyone knows where i can get i new one the would be great i live in melbourne, and i'm14, thanx a heap, luv kirstie


Answer by jassin
Submitted on 11/6/2005
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I have just recently bought a cavoodle, i would have to say he is absolutely adorable, very affectionate, very playful, we have only just bought him home and he seems a bit lost and off his food, i guess maybe separation anxiety from his mom and brothers and sisters? Ive never seen an animal sleep so much lol. He has lightened the mood in our house 10 fold. I'm finding it hard to toilet train my son, wonder how the pup will go hehe.


Answer by Shannan
Submitted on 11/30/2005
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I am currently breeding a cavoodle littler, from my black mini poodle and cream cav, if anyone is interested send an email to smpucker@hotmail.com


Answer by Christelle
Submitted on 1/23/2006
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For goodness sake everyone, give poor Brenda a break.  Just because she gave her opinion doesn't mean you can attack it.  I have had Cav'sfor many years and love the breed dearly.  I also have a gorgeous black Cavoodle, Rosie, and she and her brother (a purebred CKCS) play happily and beautifully with my children.  Rosie is now over a year old and her only problem is having the "ratter" part of the poodle a little bit too much - she killed three of our guinea pigs.  Other than that they are a lovely breed that is perfect for just about everyone.  Mind you, I paid $600 for her and all the prices are very much over the $200 that gentleman suggested we don't spend more than, so ... whoops, but who cares.  She is worth it.


Answer by Gen
Submitted on 1/27/2006
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ok i want a cavoodle but i think its gonna die early with eveything ive heard bout their heart and their eyes!


Answer by Jane
Submitted on 2/6/2006
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I have a white 11 month old cavoodle called Nikki (nakita).  She is amazing!  At 11 weeks she had already learnt how to sit and shake hands.  She fetches her lead when she wants a walk.  She doesn't shed any hair, and loves everybody.  She has NEVER growled or snarled at anyone and she has been in contact with children of all ages.  I have a 15 year old boy and 12 year old daughter who can't wait to get home from school everyday to see her.  She is a great traveller and great company.  Over the years I have owned a poodle, jack russell, labrador and cross breeds.  Our little Nikki is just a delight!!


Answer by kennismum
Submitted on 2/22/2006
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I have to say that I have owned my CKCS for 5 years now and while I love her to death will never own another purebred dog.  She was desexed twice! Once as a responsible dog owner would do and the second time when we found a lump which turned out to be a testicle.  She has cronic skin allergies and can not walk on grass during summer months.  I have to agree mixed breeds seem stronger and healthier.  While my dog is beautiful and wonderful what life does she have if she cant go outside for months without wanting to chew her own legs off?  Yes she has seen lots of vets and had lots of treatments some worse than the problem.  I say GO THE CAVOODLE I look forward to owning one, one day.


Answer by virginiaslim
Submitted on 2/24/2006
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Good Job JIM!! I own a purebred Cavalier and also rescued a dog from the pound.  I love both of them more than anything.  Cavaliers have wonderful personalities but tend to have heart problems. 50% of Cavaliers by the age of 5 will have a murmur and if they are lucky enough to live past age 11, 99% have murmurs.  Dogs are just like human beings as far as what God intended for health.  We don't have babies with our 1st cousins or siblings because genetically it is very dangerous.  I love my Cavalier but I think the Cavoodle or Cavipoo is a grand idea.  With the popularity of Cavaliers their are more backyard breeders breeding dogs with poor health.  BRENDA YOU ARE AN IDIOT. YOU OBVIOUSLY DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT SCIENCE.


Answer by Cavoodle Lover
Submitted on 2/28/2006
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I have an 8 month old cavoodle and she is beautiful! Very friendly, extremely loving, easy to train (smartest out of her puppy class). Extremely socialble as well. She doesn't need to be walked much and will actually stop and sook if we walk to far. The prices of cavoodles now will reach as much as $1000 in the pet store so it is definitely worthwhile doing your research and finding a reputable breeder. I've seen some terrible cavoodles in the pet stores with very long cavalier type hair. The curlier the hair the better. My little one doesn't shed and needs to be brushed a couple of times a week. I love her to bits and highly recommend the breed to any owner (besides the really active ones) :)


Answer by Shane
Submitted on 4/3/2006
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Jim you truly are an idiot and no nothing of genetics or dog breeding for that matter.


Answer by sillystuffing
Submitted on 4/5/2006
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i want one


Answer by Meg
Submitted on 4/16/2006
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Our Cavoodle is so loving and friendly, he loves to be cuddled and is great with children, particularly playing chasings! I would highly recommend this breed of dog.(He also looks like a little teddy bear)


Answer by han
Submitted on 5/8/2006
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hi im hannah frm the uk i have a cavoodle and he is gorgeous loves my 3 yr old and has done better at obedience and agility than my pure breed ckc i would strongly recomend a cavoodle to any 1 the are great family dogs


Answer by lawsy
Submitted on 5/12/2006
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we have a cavoodle, apparently the cross breeding actually assit wrt making a more robust healthy dog. The dog we bought is the most lovable affectionate and fun dog we have ever had.


Answer by Megan
Submitted on 6/5/2006
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I know this was started a long time ago but maybe someone will read this and think twice about getting a 'designer' dog.

Lets get one thing straight, THIS IS NOT A NEW BREED OF DOG. This is someone lumping together two other breeds of dogs and calling it a new breed. This is someone after just one thing and that is MONEY - totally the wrong reason to breed. breeding is all about bettering the breed, not creating new mutts that you could pick up at any rescue center. Therefore the people who breed these dogs are not responsible ergo they are puppy farmers or Back Yard Breeders. Would you really want to buy your pet from someone with that reputation?

Pedigree dogs were bred for a reason for instance retrieving or hunting. The breed was formed after many years, decades, sometimes centuries, of careful breeding, selecting the best, bringing them on, nurturing, having an ideal to strive for. The breeding of pedigree dogs is, therefore totally different from the lumping together of two breeds and passing them off as a cool new breed.

No responsible dog owner would get a dog because  it was cool, because you know what? The novelty wears off and it's off for a one-way trip to the pound.

This lumping together of two breeds does not make the dog healthier. It does not cancel out the illnesses common to the two breeds, infact all it does is mix two equally in-bred lines together making no difference to the health of the dog.

If I had a litter of accidents, say my lab got with a stray collie, is it cooler to say "here, I've got some cool 'new breed' pups here, they're called labrollies and clabradollies!! Roll op, come and get your new breed!!!" or to say "look guys, I'vebeen mighty irresponsible and let my lab get with a collie. Give this pup a home, keep in contact with me, spay/neuter it, love it forever and don'tmake the same mistake by adding more dogs to the world" Isn't the latter better?


Answer by christopher
Submitted on 7/6/2006
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i love cavoodles i am getting a girl and a boy for christmas and i think they are the cutes dogs i have ever seen i am geting a cavoodle because i am alergic to every other dog and i am not alergic to them so if anyone is alergic do dogs and you still want one maybi you should look at bying a cavodle


Answer by rangerdan
Submitted on 7/9/2006
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I am looking to purchase a cavoodle, does anyone know were I can get one on the Gold Coast


Answer by Bstar
Submitted on 7/14/2006
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I am looking for a supplier of cavoodles in Sydney. Any suggestions welcome... Brenda you sound like you are in it for the wrong reasons...


Answer by lee
Submitted on 7/29/2006
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i bought my gorgeous little cavoodle Roxy for my nearly 3 year old just a few weeks ago. she has been easy to train. she is 10 weeks old and she can sit, drop, stay, and fetch the ball and bring it back to me and drop it.she loves to play or curl up with us. and everyone who meets her falls in love with her. she is that cute she looks like a stuffed toy. but no regrets here even from my 4 children. she is an all round person dog.


Answer by mbryant
Submitted on 7/30/2006
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anyone know of any breeds of the cavoodle around the northern melbourne area? i have found plenty to the south of melbourne but unfortunetly, that is to far for me to travel. is there anyway i can find out what breeders are around. i dont mind waiting a little while for the perfect cavoodle puppy.


Answer by Jo
Submitted on 8/12/2006
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I have just bought a cavoodle and she is great! I didn't get her because she was a 'designer dog', in fact I call her a mutt! I just like the cross. Getting a dog from a shelter is all very well but you never know what its parents were like or how the pup has been treated up until you got it.


Answer by Jess
Submitted on 8/19/2006
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brenda you obviously have no idea! you are full of crap and people like you shouldn't own a dog! get a life!


Answer by Sheryl
Submitted on 8/26/2006
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I too am looking for a beautiful Cavoodle. We have at present a CKC whom we adore and we think a cavoodle for him to grow up and old with would be perfect for the family.So if anyone knows of any in Vic--please help


Answer by Isabella
Submitted on 9/5/2006
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if u no were to find cavoodles in SYDNEY  not somewhere in the bush... because alot of people put down sydney but there actually in melbourne or in tumut which is soo annoying .. just coz im lucki enough to live on the water fornt... if u no of anny can u plz tell me.. woohooo SYDNEY ROCKS.


Answer by heather2970
Submitted on 9/8/2006
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I am not a breeder, but the owner of a toy poodle and a Cavalier who just happened to hook up while I was a work last month. We just returned today from the vet and we are expecting a litter of Cavapoo's. I have been researching the breed since we got home and I have to say that I am a little excited to be having this litter now. We are due October 7th, so if anyone is interested let me know! gijoeandtroops@yahoo.com


Answer by Christelle
Submitted on 10/23/2006
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Everyone is entitled to their own opinion of course, however, as a long time owner of CKC Spaniels I vowed never to get any other kind of breed but after losing my Cavs before they were 10 due to health problems I decided to try a cross breed.  Into my life came the most beautiful dog ever.  The Cavoodle has the intelligence of the poodle, the gentle and loving nature of the Cav and the loyalty and sweetness all to themselves.  I highly recommend the Cavoodle to anyone.  Love kids, old people - everyone.  I will always have one.  Cavapoo, Cavoodle and Poodlier - all the same lovely dog.


Answer by katiemum
Submitted on 12/7/2006
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We just bought a cavoodle named Sophie and we love her very much.She is very playful and cuddly.She has a beautiful nature. She is caramel color with a little white chin!
She is the best!!!!!!!!!


Answer by ashleigh
Submitted on 12/13/2006
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I have a cavoodle she is now 8 months old and she is the best dog i could ask for.  She had toilet training down packed at 3months.  We have taught her tricks and how to behave on our own - no training schools.  She is so intelligent.  I have taught her to get her toys from her toy basket and when she is finished to put them back and she does. And all other tricks u even say kiss and she will kiss you  lol. Yes she has her moments when she goes a little nuts and runs around like a fool.  But she is the most friendly and loving dog ever great family dog. designer dog or not they are great!!!


Answer by Laura
Submitted on 1/14/2007
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i am looking for a male cavoodle to breed with my female cavoodle does any one have a male or know of someone who does have a male that they would like to stud?


Answer by mia
Submitted on 3/25/2007
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i have the best breeder it is
Kate's family pets
put it in google  and it will come up


Answer by Kim Tang
Submitted on 3/28/2007
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Cavoodles taste a bit like poodles only slightly saltier. I reccomend cooking them in a sweet & sour sauce on low heat for about an hour or two.


Answer by Kim Tang
Submitted on 3/28/2007
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Cavoodle taste a bit like poodles only slightly saltier. I recommend cooking them in a sweet & sour sauce on low heat for about an hour or two.


Answer by Debbie O
Submitted on 5/14/2007
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I looked all around for a healthy, sweet and loving dog for a companion.  I found my cavapoo Shannah, from a breeder in Texas.  I did alot of research on this hibrid vigor dog, and decided the breed to be perfect for me.  She doesn't shed and is hypoallergenic.  She is b/w, her markings are that of a cavelier spaniel her father.  She is playful and loves to run free in the park.  Because of the poodle, (her mother), She is so smart and trains very well. She loves children, people, other dogs and cats alike.  You can find the breeder, at Shaloma Loves Puppies webpage.  Cavapoos are recognized as a "breed" by the Continental Kennel Club, if you choose to register them.  I just wanted a great companion and Shannah, fits that description.  


Answer by Tash
Submitted on 6/17/2007
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I just lost my pure bred Cavalier to Congestive Heart Failure at 8 years old, which is the typical age the vet tells me, for symptom onset.  If you are going to buy anything with Cavalier in it, make sure the breeder can show you examples of the bloodline that are living past 8 years with no heart problems.  You should do the same with the poodle line as they can have heart problems too. If the problem is in both breeding lines, crossing the two will not reduce the risk.  Cavaliers' (and their crosses no doubt) are beautiful and very loving and kind, but be a careful buyer and do your research thoroughly.


Answer by jay
Submitted on 6/25/2007
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dont listen to people who say that all cross breeds are inferior. I have a cavoodle and she is the most gorgeous and intelligent dog i have ever come into contact with. It's like what Jim said above, the more you mix the gene pool, the healthier they are.


Answer by kristy
Submitted on 7/3/2007
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Hi India, I am getting my new Cavoodle this saturday....and me and my family(2Kids) are sooo excited!.... I lost my first cavoodle of five years last month to a 4wd, and im by no means replacing her but with 2 children wanting another one i had to do it. I went with the same breed as i got my first 3 months before i had my second child and they grew up togethor for 5 years. They have the best personality and are full of love and fun! They are just perfect with children......
DO NOT listen to that Brenda chick,   honestly she's got no idea. They are just a delightfull breed and id have dozens of them if i could.
If you need a breeder of them i can put you in touch with a couple in NSW.
Hope it helps....And you wont look back!


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