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Question by Pete Chance/Pierre Lachance
Submitted on 3/10/2005
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can you share the following with your readers?


You name it and Agassiz resident Designer/Craftsman Pierre Lachance will build
Iíve been designing and carving wood models for 35 years.
My handcrafted wooden models range from miniature cars to full-scale
I Preserve Past and Present Elite Stunt driverís websites at
www.autothrillshows.com and who Iíve been building models for, including
jumper, Evel Knievelís XR750 wooden Harley stunt bike by his request.
My dad, Bobby Chance worked for Evel in the 70ís.
I also built the only official Vancouver Molson Indy wooden Firestone Fire Hawk
replica model.
Iím currently getting the model ready for itís library 2005 tour.
I always had a passion for automotive things ever since a car hit me at the age
of seven.
Crafting my vehicles with oak, alder and black walnut, etc. using a primitive
format and integrating it into a very high teck one.
Whether itís a boxy jalopy a sleek and aerodynamic sports car, or a Chevy with
oversized fins. I approach each piece with equal enthusiasm.
Every year I hand craft wooden toys and donate several of my pieces to
Childrenís Hospitals.
I donít carve for money but rather as a labour of love. This is also great
therapy for me since my accident.
I have an entirely different and aesthetic vision: I transform the metal
sculpted lines of vehicles into the warm radiance of wood.
Iíve parlayed my love of conveyances and constructing vehicles into an art form
and have been winning raves at past shows from automotive enthusiasts.
As for Evel Knievelís wood model, Iím almost done and proudly plan to display
my hand-crafted wooden classics at Harrison Hot Spring Beach for the pubic to
view for free.
Folks can also visit my Art Gallery on line at www.pierrelachance.com

Thanks a lot.
Pierre Lachance
Designer/Craftsman Canada


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