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Hi, I'm from Malaysia. Someone has offered his black...

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Question by crystal
Submitted on 8/11/2003
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Hi, I'm from Malaysia. Someone has offered his black Labrador to us, and it is about a year old. The problem is, I have a year old male, local dog and a 6-month-old male , and another 6-month old female.
1. Is it going to be a mess to have 4 dogs together?
2.How do I handle this Labrador in a new environment?
3.Should I keep him in a dog house and after a day or two when it is familiar with me, I can let it explore our surrounding? We have a big garden. We do not want the dog to be in the house.
I'll be getting the Labrador tomorrow, ie. Wednesday.
4.Will a year old Labrador aggressive towards strangers or a new owner and children?

I hope someone can give me ideas or suggestions. Or any advice in particular.
Thank you.

Answer by Katie
Submitted on 10/12/2003
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Answer for 1. If your dogs are trained very well, than No.. No messes are going to happen.
Answer for 2. Do the same as you did to other dogs.
Answer to 3. NEVER keep a dog in a doghouse when you get him. Always let him around but if there are any open ways for him to run out to the street then keep him on the leash. If not, let him explore and get to know the place (and the dogs) better.
Answer for 4. Maybe. He will be aggressive and mean if they treat him wrong. If they are kind, he will like the people around him. If he has been trained well he will do just fine.


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