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At what age do labs begin to swim. We took or 11 week old...

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Question by Red
Submitted on 4/17/2004
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At what age do labs begin to swim.  We took or 11 week old pup to the pond and he only fetches in water up to his tummy.  He is very hesitant about deeper water.  He loves to fetch sticks along the shore.  

Answer by napolean dynamite
Submitted on 4/23/2005
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my yellow swam across our running river the second day i had her at 8 weeks and two days it was about 40 feet across but i have seen some that at 10 weeks wanted no part of a simple pond


Answer by G
Submitted on 7/14/2006
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I have a lab setter mix and he is around 5 monthes and I have been doing the same thing with him.  Just recently about his 5th time out is he starting to get it.  I think its just a matter of time.


Answer by starlyn
Submitted on 11/30/2006
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   Do Labradors like to swim?
     Labradors love to swim. In general, they take to swimming quite
     naturally. But don't be alarmed if your little pup is unsure about
     swimming the first time--they have to learn about swimming just
     like anything else. Never throw a young puppy into the water! If
     you have an adult dog around that enjoys swimming, the pup will
     probably follow it in happily. You could also wade in yourself and
     have the pup follow. Be aware though that pups have sharp nails
     which can be painful if they try to climb up on you in the water.
     The pup's first introduction to the water should be at a spot where
     there is a gradual entry, rather than a sharp drop off, and there
     should be no current at all. Let the pup explore the water at his
     own pace; if he just wants to splash and wade for now, let him. As
     he gains confidence, he will go in deeper.
     Another important caveat is that dogs should not be allowed
     unattended access to a swimming pool unless you know that they know
     how to get out. Dogs often cannot easily pull themselves out of the
     pool and even strong swimmers will tire if they can't find an easy
     way out of the water. And if you do let your Lab in your swimming
     pool, check that filter often! Dogs shed much more than people do.


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