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Do bulldogs drool at all, a little or a lot?

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Question by vicky
Submitted on 7/29/2003
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Do bulldogs drool at all, a little or a lot?

Answer by lilacsteel
Submitted on 1/15/2004
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My bulldog drools a lot.  But not all of them do.  It has to do with the size of their flews (I don't know how to spell it, just to say it)  Their "chops".  The more fleshy the face, the more they tend to drool.  From all of the bulldogs I have seen, after a drink of water, they drool, no matter what.  The drool isn't that bad really, you sort of get used to it.  Lots of wet wipes, "Scott's Liquid Gold" to clean it off of the wood furniture, and glass wax to make it easier to clean slobber off of the glass/mirrors.


Answer by Snubbull's Mum
Submitted on 5/11/2004
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Snubbull only drools when she sees either my husband or I eating!  My son absolutely refused to ever give her food while he was eating so she stays away from him, knowing she is out of luck!  However, I have never been able to resist giving her a minute piece of most things she sees me eating, and as a result she sits in front of me and drools!  
She doesn't drool when she has been drinking, just leaves a wee trail of water on the kitchen floor, but I wash and re-fill her bowl each time she drinks as the water becomes "slimy".  
I also dry her chin after every meal (not snacks) as she was getting "pimples" and I heard from a great dane breeder that by wiping their chin it stops the spread of pimples.


Answer by nicole
Submitted on 1/8/2007
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my next door neighbors dog drools alot because he drinks tones of water and because he has an ear infection so the vet said for some reason he will drool more than usual.


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