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Question by TERESA
Submitted on 2/22/2004
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Answer by Jessica
Submitted on 3/14/2004
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First of all, are you aware of the extremely difficult task of breeding dobermans? This is not something that can easily be done. There are ALOT of additional problems and tasks that need to be taken to ensure the health and quality of your puppies. Including- dew claw and tail removal, feeding/weaning, desensitizing, socialization, shots/deworming, the birth itself, feeding,ear cropping (and Yes, it will be very hard to sell and uncropped puppy, so consider if you can go through with this procedure or wind up with 9 extra pets) in addition to ear cropping there is the very important task of caring for the puppies post-surgery, and nutrition can be a HUGE task- imagine trying to get appropriate vits/mins/protein/fat/carbs/etc for up to 12 puppies!! Its not easy doing that for one. And puppies don't just snap from mothers milk to dog food, and if you tried that you would wind up with underdeveloped unhealthy and unhappy puppies. Breeding dobermans is a losing money situation unless you do it unheartidly. I am not a breeder but have studied the breed and have taked to many breeders. They say they ALWAYS lose money-especially if you are breeding your sweet Cookie with your fido- the fact is you are not a breeder and you can not expect people to pay very much for your puppies considering you have no experience. I would re-consider breeding your dogs. There are so many unwanted pets already. Serious and quality breeders spend decades perfecting their breed and their stock- and spend thousands of money doing this. If you feel you want to become a breeder- why not call a few in your area and ask if they can tutor you in the areas of breeding. It may take you 10 years of this before you can really say you are ready for breeding. This is a serious thing and just because you have two unaltered pets of the opposite sex doesn't mean they should or can be bred. In fact, I'm almost positive they probably shouldn't be bred- and I am wondering why your breeder didn't specify you must fix your dobermans. Any responsible breeder would ensure that all pet dogs are spayed/neutered so that breeding like this can not occur... or are they even from a breeder?


Answer by DieselRox
Submitted on 4/11/2004
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THANK YOU JESSICA! That about sums it up! I am just now getting into breeding dobermans after years of ownership and research. It DEFINATELY is not for money (as it is only a great loss.) Nutrition is difficult to keep up with among many other problems. Not every dog can be fed the same diet, some dobes might require more flaxseed for their coat, ETC. I appreciate you taking the time to respond to that post. And, Teresa, By owning dobes for 15 years, this information should already be very clear to you. I hope you take this advice as people trying to help you and better the breed. As Jess said, there are MANY MANY MANY dogs being MURDERED in shelters because they're arent enough homes. PLEASE reconsider your choice.


Answer by ayabbott
Submitted on 1/29/2006
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Some good points were approached here, but there are some opposing considerations. There are a lot of "puppy mills", breeders who DO breed for the money. I find often that independent owners IF they have dogs that have good and healthy genes produce pets of higher quality. Just as long as you are dedicated and do your homework and weigh out the benefits and cons equally, you may do better breeding your own ONCE. As far as cropping, I do understand the tails, but there is no reason the ears should be done. Tails can be like whips, but the ears actually help protect their ears and the wind blowing into their ears can be disturbing. However, I hope that anyone would first consider adopting a homeless animal first.


Answer by chickchick
Submitted on 7/5/2006
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Hi there,
Everyone got to start somewhere and after yout first litter im sure you will get the hang of it.Im hoping you have 2 great dog's to breed. Also ear cropping is important. AND ONE FOR THR RECORD PPL DONT SPAYED/NEUTERED QUALITY DOGS!! ANYONE WHO KNOWS A THING OR 2 WOULD ALSO KNOW THIS!!


Answer by tefaroko
Submitted on 7/26/2006
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uh. i wouldn't trust a response from anybody that says a doberman "needs" flaxseed for its coat.

i also wouldnt breed the dogs, but that is neither here nor there.


Answer by Kenz
Submitted on 9/21/2006
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I think you two are both ridiculous in saying the she shouldnt breed her dobermans. I am an animal lover like no other, so I do feel horrible about all those dogs in shelters getting murdered. But still, you do not have to be an expert with 30 years of experience before you breed a litter of pups. You two need to check your heads and take a step into the real world where most people dont care about getting a "famous 3 time champion star puppy" that they have to pay $3000 for. Most people would much rather get a home-raised $900 family puppy!!! I say go for the breeding Theresa!!!


Answer by Emily
Submitted on 10/8/2006
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i was thinking of breeding but you have just put me off that idea. we are getting a dob, we don't know to get one or two? If we should get them from different litters.


Answer by Chris
Submitted on 10/14/2006
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I Think that both of you are ignorant and wrong about this. Of course there are some people that shouldn't breed and some dogs that should not be bred, but the fact of the matter is there are many people capable of breeding responsibly and making a profit. There are many people such as DieselRox who breed and are fearful of any competition, so they try to slander any one else who breeds. If you wanna bash someone who breeds then bash the backyard breeders and puppy mills. DieselRox, do you know the vWD status of your dogs? Do you know what vWD is? Do you test for Hip Dysplasia? Do you know what that is? How about testing for other inherited defects such as Cardiomyopathy, Wobbler’s Syndrome (Cervical Vertebral Instability or CVI, Hypothyroidism, or Inherited Eye defects. How about the the z-factor gene, ever owned or bred a white dobe? Maybe your losing money because your not as educated as you thing you are.


Answer by Red
Submitted on 5/14/2007
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lalala I would love to have dobes but it doesnt sound like a very easy task!!


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