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Where did bulldogs originally come from?

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Question by Jace
Submitted on 1/27/2004
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Where did bulldogs originally come from?

Answer by Vladimiro Rinaldi e Ranuzzi
Submitted on 6/8/2006
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Many scholars and researches of the origin of the dog breeds have explained how,according to them .all the breeds derived,they derived from the wolf.Aut for the bulldogs it is another longer story,yes the ancient Indian wolk is at the origins of the ancient molossus type of breeds (this is suposed to be happened,according to the Swiss scholar Scults ),and later the Tibetan mastiff:from whom (this is supposed to be happened as a second step)all the all tyhe molossus type of breeds and consequentely also all the bulldog types of breeds bulldogs came from.

The ancient Molossus of Tibet is considered
to be  the second starting point :of most   the bulldog type of breeds in all parts of the world .Is this true ?Is this untrue ?

This they say and I have no reason to dounbt.However in the USA peaces of even more very ancient fossiles of canids havinbg undershot level bite (study of jaws)have been "recentely" found dated by the radiocarbonium analys .The paleoltnologists

dated these fossiles.  

Buteven though they do not want to go farer because science is not leterature ,so we must be cautious in the conclusios always.Nothing is a hyndred percent sure in science and everyday life .

Slowly slowly(sometimes rushing too much, as it is happening now) we arrive to the many bulldogs of our times.

Why this is happening?

Human being is a creature having much cuoriosity and also a certain sort of mental
creativity to be interpreted as a virtue or a fault, as a menta illness or as "gift from God":according to the good use or the bad use of it.
And this happens also for the bulldog and the bull and terriers breeds.

Many of them were made or "mad egain" (ex novo ) with some differces  in mixing breed to breed,line to line,not always ethically and not always intelligently.

At first there was a sense :

for hunting big game and protect heardings or sheeps against the predators (human beings included) ands and also to patrol the border lines,the militar sides,etcetera.  

But before,down in the centuries and the milleniums ,the the Romans, the ancient poupulations living in the bresent England ( Britannie) who alredy had the so called by the Romans of Julius Cese, Britannie Pugnaces, ,etcetera,used the ancient bulldog type of breeds selected for aggressivity, as war dogs.

And also as fighting dogs in the arenas of Rome when England was conquered by the ancient Romans. The Romas also already had thewir wardogs and fighting dogs.The Fenicius are supposed to have been the bigger sellers and dinstributors everywhere of the Molossus breeds (breeds from Epiro ? ):In Elisabeth time in Englan the bulldogs (or Victorian Olde Bulldogge as they are strangely called now in remade version )attacked the bulls on the roads before the butchers woulkd have killed the bulls,from there to the fighting "sports" of dogs the step in history tines was short.

Human being never changed inside himself, we are still ancient,barbarian and very much hypocritical, we remaibed,after certain aspect of our behavious,misbehavious,"creative".

Human being everywhere are not all the same,there are different types of people,of course,but most of us still remain wild.

Now cruel and fragile (phisically and mentally,most of people,more or less.. ) now artistically creative and pray the divinity .

Tecnologically we went far (too far,maybe) but at behaviourlevel neally as our ancestors ,forunners were.

  The fighting dogs shows (what a horrile things ! ) ,the blood thirsty sadist sport of the fighting matches animal against animal ,animal against people, and people agains people are the ricess of the crimanals who organise all this and the fragility or stupidity of the beters and the enthusiasts oif these cruel human.dishuman activitiess.

They are other expressions not of sports but of of wars and acts of terrorism.

I would these terribe,horrible things never to happen.But they do. Unfortunatelly.What all this mean ?

In our instablle times of violence and "beaitiful" teclologic consumistic objects (the mobile telephons,the most modern IV screens,the Computers,the satellite,the digital photography,etcetera) there is no space for poetry.

What an error and what a misunderstanding! We need poetry even more now .Or we are at a loss.This I think and for this I pray.

In the increasing of the criminality and sense of insicurity (and also for vanity and for sense pf their businness ) breeders
often without any real serious ,scientific education   in genetic,heredity genetic, zoology,anthropology,psicology and hurbanization,and without an acceptable sense of ethic,  "created" the many new breeds -or  to be considered experiments- of bulldogs.And not only the bulldogs.

Having many different or similar names or same names with a little differences.
Some are honest have good manners and I am grateful to them,to these few,important and worth while to be considered breeders,

  Emailing and emailing ,visiting many websites too ,their ones,and contacting them ,I could make an experience and tried to understand  better what is it happening in the bylldogs world.

I remember the very few reputable breeders with whome I had long ,kind and useful exchange of emails,correspondence. From Europe to the Usa  and to  Canada, to Russia etcetera.

One was Gary,from Usa, two other persons of best quality for their good behaviour and education, were Sharon and Adam (of the Legacy kennel),and so on.Sorry for the others I do not mantion.  

Thank to them all now I know that reputable breeders exist too and also so the good manners.Yes we have some possibilities to evolve ourseves as a better species bevious.

I have learned much from them .Maybe they learbed something also by me.

Those who breed   well  and have an ethic  "created "  the new varieties of  

all the bulldogs,

come from the reputable breeders and they belong to all the enthusiasts,the lover of the bulldogs (and the other creatures in dogdom).They come from all us and belong to the story of the breeds.

The reputable breeders are and the opinions of the enthusiasts of the bulldogs (in our case )made thye bulldogs, the belong to themselves as creatures and those who love them .  



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