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My male lab is 3 years old. He is constantly plagued with...

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Question by Mark Jackley
Submitted on 1/6/2004
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My male lab is 3 years old.  He is constantly plagued with ear problems.  He constantly shakes his head as if something is bothering him.  I have used an ointment prescribed by a vet. No real help.  he doesn't go swiming very often so his ears are dry.  Is there a way to pin point his problem without having to pay a high vet bill?

Answer by Blklab
Submitted on 1/7/2004
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Labs ears are known for the breeding ground of fungus. All it takes is a little moisture that deep inside the canal. The tubes in the ears, about halfway down inside get very narrow. I am having the same situation and from now on I just call up for the prescription instead of repeated office visit.


Answer by evett24
Submitted on 1/16/2004
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Our female lab will shake her head forcefully from side to side when her ears begin to bother her and my husband brings out the rubbing alcohol and pours it on a soft face cloth and washes those ears out.He takes care not to go any further down  her ear canal than his index finger can fit.She tolerates this very well.He usually has to do this a couple of times per month in the winter, a little more often during warm weather because she spends more time outside digging for moles and gets dirt and dust in her ears.  


Answer by Henry
Submitted on 2/16/2004
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Our lab has the same problem. I just mix a little peroxide with warm water and syringe it into the ear.  Works real well.


Answer by labsare thebest
Submitted on 7/13/2004
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i have a choclate lab and he has the same probalem we tried alcohol and all the things you guys have suggested but they didbnt work. And since my husband is really into the organic stuff we tried washing them with papaya juice. IT DIDNT WORK AT ALL I ADVISE YOU TO NEVER TRY IT!!!!!!!!!!


Answer by Doggy
Submitted on 9/3/2004
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Our lab has the very same problem. We took her to the vet and got an oral persciption it worked for a while but then it came back.


Answer by lab mama
Submitted on 10/21/2004
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Our chocolate lab of course has a similar problem.  She shakes her head and paws at her ears.  Our Vet checked them and said it was a yeast infection so we got a prescription.  It cleared right up, but if she goes in water we have to be careful and put the prescription in afterward.  She tolerates it ok.


Answer by brved
Submitted on 12/27/2004
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I have a five year old black lab this is his second year with this ear infection--the best answer would be to take that vet visit because from there on out it's a continued problem and it's already been noted. If your vet is reasonable he will allow you to pick up a prescription--he did tell me last year peroxide is not the answer-it is more of a watered down product now than what most of us remember as kids--the water feeds the bacteria and makes it an even worse infection than what you started with.


Answer by Tazz
Submitted on 12/28/2004
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There is a solution called "Vets" that they make specifically for cleaning the ear, it is cheap and should be used only once a week, a bottle will probably last a year and is under $10. It can be picked up at any vet. Its easy to use and does a great job.


Answer by Parawebby
Submitted on 2/20/2005
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We have a Chocolate lab and she had the same problems.  We used baby bulb syringe and filled it with warm peroxide, dispensed it into ear canal and massaged it externally.  This seemed to cure the problem.  We eventually discovered that the problem was that she had developed an allergy to some foods.


Answer by Puzzled?
Submitted on 4/8/2005
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I am eleven years old. Today my teacher found a lab roaming in the courtyard. He said that he was out in the field roaming with the kids. He said that he would take him home if they didn't find his owner. I have seen that lab before on the other side of the fence from the backstop. He has been out there many times. Do you think somebody abandoned him? If so, why?


Answer by Cody
Submitted on 3/13/2006
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By onitment From A store to put in it and see if it helps. Try putting and proxide it it, but mix it with warm water.


Answer by rob
Submitted on 3/9/2007
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I have a black lab with the same problem, I use the medicine the vet gave me and wash him ears once a week.. I tried the alcohol method, but found myself drinking it instead of putting it in his ears..


Answer by Barb
Submitted on 4/13/2007
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My black lab had the same problem and it was wax build up, almost broke his ear drum, it was during the winter time so it wasn't caused by swimming, my vet recommended cleaning his ears weekly with an ear cleaning solution, it's been very effective.  The solutions are not expensive, you just put a little solution in his ear, massage and wipe out the ear with paper towel once a week, works great for me


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