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FAQ Index 1 - puzzles, archive, privacy, anon, server, competition, arithmetic, pro  FAQ Index 13 - tennis, table, tcl, politics, guns, config, sw, commercial
FAQ Index 2 - puzzles, archive, language, logic, pickover, geometry, physics, instructionsFAQ Index 14 - thai, toastmasters, theatre, tcl, tk, tolkien, toon, tiny
FAQ Index 3 - religions, radio, satanism, photo, video, vaishnava, lenses, monitoringFAQ Index 15 - travel, air, handbook, tolkien, china, myanmar, toys, sumatra
FAQ Index 4 - running, robotics, romance, beginners, coaster, roller, religions, competitionsFAQ Index 16 - tv, comedy, british, travel, series, er, vietnam, young
FAQ Index 5 - satellite, tv, tvro, chem, one, scheme, all, mathFAQ Index 17 - tv, you, about, mad, friends, mash, muppets, life
FAQ Index 6 - scouting, scientology, users, catechism, imagery, satellite, science, foodFAQ Index 18 - tv, program, guides, live, night, sat, children, married
FAQ Index 7 - sf, sgi, dune, scsi, self, movies, robert, jordanFAQ Index 19 - tv, ucdavis, files, uk, injury, typing, wp, xena
FAQ Index 8 - space, software, bondage, subculture, shamanism, songwriting, solaris2, snmpFAQ Index 20 - uk, ufos, aliens, ucdavis, king, hall, unix, telecom
FAQ Index 9 - sports, skating, ice, figure, fencing, rugby, union, skateFAQ Index 21 - unix, unixware, shell, pointers, visa, programmer, openunix, qt
FAQ Index 10 - sports, skating, inline, table, soccer, skydiving, subbuteo, pullFAQ Index 22 - vietnam, visual, basic, australia, vision, visa, vbx, vegetarian
FAQ Index 11 - trek, star, roles, actors, checklist, comics, sports, tableFAQ Index 23 - windows, win95, programming, nt, winsock, vxd, vcomm, wine
FAQ Index 12 - support, star, trek, smoking, stop, relativity, ftl, depressionFAQ Index 24 - writing, yolo, woodworking, authoring, xt, xanadu, xfree86, speedups

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