Contains articles like Note: I won this camera in a photo contest held by Cabela’s in 2006. Now in 2009 there are point and shoot cameras with all of my camera’s features priced at under $200 with more mega pixels.


Contains articles like Composition is the art of arranging the subject in an appealing manner. Both the image’s background and foreground must balance with the subject in an orderly manner.


Contains articles like Light is what makes a photograph. Photography is painting with light and your canvas is the film.

Essentials for Crisp Focus

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ISO Setting

Contains articles like The lowest ISO setting creates the finest grain detail. ISO speed represents the imaging sensor’s sensitivity to light.

Lens Size

Contains articles like I prefer the shortest lens possible. Over 98 % of the time I’m using my wide angle lens.

Aperture Size

Contains articles like The smaller aperture allows you to capture a wide depth of field. That means that everything is in focus.

Image Recording Setting

Contains articles like The image-recording setting should be preset to the highest quality. That maximizes the number of pixels and translates into the best image possible.


Contains articles like The tripod is an essential item. Its use will dramatically improve your photos.

Remote Shutter Release

Contains articles like A shutter release eliminates the motion caused by your finger depressing the shutter button. If a remote is not available, substitute by tripping the shutter with the self timer camera setting.

Mirror Lock Up

Contains articles like The mirror lock up feature is enabled. This eliminates the vibration caused by the mirror flip when the shot is taken.


Contains articles like Bracketing is the act of taking three different exposures of the same scene but by automatically changing the exposures. Now you have increased your chances of an excellent photograph.

Photoshop Transformation of Photo 2

Contains articles like The first thing I want to do is to eliminate the dark shadows. For this process I use the Shadow/Highlight command.

Adobe Photoshop

Contains articles like Photoshop is a powerful tool capable of improving your images. But it can be an intimidating program for the beginner and even an expert photographer.


Contains articles like Cropping is used to remove the unwanted portions of an image. It also can be used to straighten images.

Crop and Straighten Photos

Contains articles like This lake leans to the right and appears that it should be spilling out into the forest. It is easily corrected with the crop tool.


Contains articles like This is my first Photoshop adjustment after my image has been properly cropped. This command brings out the details lost in the shadows and in the overexposed areas.


Contains articles like The above commands allow you to precisely control the shadows and highlights of your image. There is a quick way to simply correct these problems.


Contains articles like Color enhancing can be accomplished by using the Hue/Saturation command. This is used to make fine color selections.


Contains articles like First, adjust the hue slider to make sure the colors are the correct ones. This slider usually needs only a slight amount of adjustment.


Contains articles like This is my favorite command to adjust the contrast, brightness, tonal range, and auto color to my final image. Levels are the easiest to master control and its results are effective.


Contains articles like Once the overly dark or light image has been corrected and the contrast has been adjusted the auto color box command is used. This is a powerful control that quickly fine tunes the image color.

Unsharp Mask

Contains articles like Finally I like to apply an unsharp mask. With all of the previous steps sometimes a little sharpness is lost.

Landscape Basics

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Landscape Photography

Contains articles like Landscape photography can be divided into three basic divisions.


Contains articles like

Wildlife Photography

Contains articles like Many times wildlife photography is an unexpected event. After a curve in the trail or road, I’ve come in contact with an unexpected animal.

Outdoor Portraits

Contains articles like Lighting is a key factor in taking outdoor portraits. My favorite lighting is when the cloud cover consists of white high clouds.

Light Tent

Contains articles like

Light Tent Photography

Contains articles like The light tent is an effective way to capture a perfect image of an object. If you’re into selling stuff on e-bay, this is an easy way to present an accurate photo with correct detail and color.