128. Drawing

See also 23. ART ; 141. ENGRAVING ; 428. WRITING .

the technique of making drawings and etchings that appear to be carved in low relief. — anaglyptographic , adj .
1 . Archaic . the art of engraving on copper plates, especially for printing.
2 . the art of drawing with chalks or pastels.
an artist who specializes in charcoal drawings or sketches.
chiaroscuro, chiarooscuro
a technique of painting or drawing using light and shade to achieve a three-dimensional quality. — chiaroscurist , n .
an instrument for drawing arcs with a flexible arc-shaped part connected at the sides to an extensible straight bar. Also called arcograph .
a device used for the mechanical reproduction of plans, outlines, etc., on a scale other than that of the original.
the art of graphic representation or drawing. — diagraphic, diagraphical , adj .
the art or craft of writing or delineating. — graphiologist . n .
1 . the rendering of a horizontal section of an object in scale.
2 . the rendering of a floor plan of a building in a specific scale. — ichnographic, ichnographical , adj .
isometric projection
the rendering of an object or floor plan in scale as viewed from a stated angle. Cf. orthographic projection .
an apparatus used for miniature writing or drawing. — micrography , n .
monogram, monography
Obsolete , a sketch or drawing in outline without color.
orthographic projection
a rendering of an object or floor plan of a building in scale as viewed perpendicularly from above. Cf. isometric projection .
pastelist, pastellist
an artist who specializes in the use of pastels.
a poorly executed or inaccurate delineation.
Rare . the art of drawing maps or plans. — planographist , n . — planographic, planographical , adj .
the rendering of an object on a perspective plane. — scenographer , n . — scenographic, scenographical , adj .
1 . the technique of rilling in the outline of the shadow made by an object to create a pictorial work or shadowgraph.
2 . the creation of skiagrams on film with x rays. — skiagram , n . — skiagrapher , n .
the art of representing the forms of solid bodies on a plane surface. — stereographer , n . — stereographic, stereographical , adj .
the art of drawing, writing, or engraving with a style or similar instrument. — stylographic, stylographical, adj .
the art or technique of producing a picture or design on a piece of wood by burning it with a heated, pointed instrument. Also called poker painting .

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