62. Bureaucracy

See also 185. GOVERNMENT .

the world of petty and officious bureaucrats. Cf. bumbledom .
the world of petty and incompetent officials.
1. a government typified by a rigid hierarchy of bureaus, administrators, and minor officials.
2. a body of administrators; officialdom.
3. administration characterized by excessive red tape and routine. — bureaucratie, adj.
turgid, misleading language, as typical of bureaucracies. Cf. federalese, officialese .
an obsession with public employment.
language typical of the U.S. federal government, especially bureaucrtic jargon. Cf. bureaucratese, officialese .
1. the realm or position of officials.
2. excessively close adherence to bureaucratie procedure.
language characteristic of officialdom, typified by polysyllabism and much periphrasis. Cf. bureaucratese, federalese .
1. any official regulations or procedures.
2. an excessive emphasis on official regulations or procedures.
3. officials in general or collectively.
designation for a pompous official, taken from a story by Samuel Foote(1755).
red-tapeism, red-tapism
the practice of requiring excessive paperwork and tedious procedures before official action can be considered or completed. Also called red-tapery . — red-tapist n.

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