61. Bulls and Bullfighting

See also 16. ANIMALS .

an avid and informed devotee of bullflghting; now used of devotees of any sport, activity, or art.
Western U.S. the seizing of a calf or steer by the horns and throwing it off its feet by twisting the head. — bulldogger , n.
a mounted bullfighter who jabs the bull between the shoulders with a lance to enrage it.
1. the killing of a bull.
2. the killer of a bull.
a part of an ancient religious rite involving baptism in the blood of a sacrificed bull. Also tauroboly .
an ancient Cretan sport for both sexes involving grasping the horns of a bull and tumbling over him; bull-leaping.
tauromachy, tauromaquia
1. the art or technique of bullflghting.
2. a bullfight. — tauromachian, tauromachic , adj.
an abnormal fear of bulls.
1. the bull, second of the zodiaeal eonstellations.
2. the bull, second of the astrological signs.

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