15. Ancestors

See also 153. FATHER ; 204. HEREDITY ; 281. MOTHER ; 304. ORIGINS ; 307. PARENTS ; 341. RACE .

an inclination toward old-fashioned things, speech, or actions, especially those of one’s ancestors. Also archaicism . — archaist, n. — archaistic, adj .
the reappearance in the present of a characteristic belonging to a remote ancestor. — atavist, n . — atavistic, adj .
Ancient Rome . the malevolent ghosts or spirits of a family’s dead ancestors.
descent through the female line, as in ancestry, inheritance, etc. — matrilineal, matrilinear , adj .
relationship or descent by the male line, as in ancestry, inheritance, etc. — patrilineal, patrilinear, adj .
the person from whom a line of descent originates.

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