Water, flowing with energy

Since ancient times water has been used as a natural medicine to cure the human body. Hydrotherapy is the use of water at different temperatures to revitalize, maintain, and restore health. There are a number of hydrotherapy techniques that use cold or hot water to stimulate the nervous system and to soothe pain.

Water, flowing with energy

+ Water is considered by Chinese medicine to be one of the five basic elements that carry curative properties for the body and the soul. Ancient cultures in the East and West have used water for its curative properties: the bath has been used as a ritual to eliminate impurities in almost all religions.


Taking a cold or hot water bath with essential oils or herbs provides incredible therapeutic effects. Other techniques include soaking, washing, rubbing and compresses.


You should always consult your physician before starting any alternative treatment. If you suffer from high blood pressure, you should not use cold water.


Depending on your energy level and physical state there are different water temperatures you can use.

Cold water. Increases your sensitivity, shrinks your blood vessels, stimulates your blood pressure and tones the nervous system.

Warm or hot water. Relaxes tense muscles and supports the immune system.

If you take a shower its best to:

  1. • If it is cold, remain under the water for five minutes.
  2. • If the water is hot or warm, stay in the shower for fifteen minutes.

If you are soaking in a bath, it's recommended:

  1. • You can also add the bath salts or essential oils recommended for resting to the bath (see Essential oils from A to Z, on page 47).

Warning. It's advisable to avoid these types of baths if you suffer from low blood pressure.


This is an ideal therapy to relieve tired feet and legs. You should fill a bucket with cold water, high enough so that you soak your legs. As with baths, you can add essential oils to the water to help you rest. Soak your feet and legs for a minute. Remove your legs from the water, dry off and cover your feet with cotton socks and rest for a while.


Spray Showers

This is a type of massage using shower jets to apply pressure. It helps to tone the muscles, stimulate oxygen flow to the muscle tissues, increases the skin's resistance, stimulates circulation and, more than anything, helps to rejuvenate your body.

On the face. This is a relaxing technique for the body and mind and it is perfect for treating headaches and migraines. Begin with the forehead, placing it under cold water and moving the water round in a clock-wise direction. Don't stop breathing, breathe through your mouth.

On the arms. This is a shower technique that will give you an instant pick-me-up, because it activates circulation and stimulates deep breathing.

1. Begin by passing the cold waterjet on your right hand along the outter part of the right arm and move up until your shoulder, leaving it under the water for a few minutes.

2. Next, run the inner part of you arm under cold water, from your triceps to the palm of your hand. Repeat on the left side.

For cases of tiredness and lack of concentration, use this shower therapy on your arms, alternating between warm and cold water.

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