Color to make you feel better

Color therapy is a set of principles used to create harmonious color for healing. According to the principles of this therapy, color is energy. This form of energy medicine is based on the belief that the human body is composed of energy fields. This therapy stimulates the nerve centers and works on problems related to energy deficiencies which may cause physical and mental exhaustion.

Color to make you feel better

+ Well before science recognized the medical benefits of the ultraviolet and infrared wavelengths, natural healers used color therapy in treatment of patients. Greek philosopher Hippocrates said: Human beings should harmonize the body and spirit. Today, natural medicine and color therapy are based on properly distributing energy.


A typical color therapy session is done in a dark room, with colored optical slides, cromotherapy lamps or a simple slide projector. Colored light might be applied to parts of the recipient's body or to his entire body. The person recieving this therapy should be relaxed and focused on the color applied. The lights may be used constantly or rhythmically. The technique of solarized water is a simple and cheap way of applying color to the body. Water, when exposed to sunlight in a colored container for at least an hour becomes irradiated and takes on some of the vibrational energy of that particular color. Using this same method you can also prepare solarized sugar or oil.

The power of colors

All colors, depending on their characteristics have curing powers, and each color is applied for varying ailments.

Red. Activates the circulatory system. Stimulates the process of learning and concentration; increases your will power and constancy.


• Ideal for fighting against weariness in the body, especially when you are experiencing tiredness in general. It is recommended to incorporate red into a room used for study for ideal concentration and creativity. It is also recommended if you need to study, write, read or do any intellectual task and feel tired.


Oriental disciplines have for centuries considered chakras centers of energy. Each chakra corresponds to a certain color of lights applied to that point to balance the body's natural energy.

  1. Chakra on the crown of the head: violet.
  2. Chakra of the third eye, in the center of the forehead: indigo.
  3. Chakra of the oat: turquoise, blue and sky blue.
  4. Chakra of the heart: green.
  5. Chakra of the chest cavity: yellow.
  6. Chakra of the suprarenal glands: red.
  7. Chakra of the reproductive organs: orange.

Orange. Useful for nervous exhaustion. Lifts up the spirit and leaves a sense of euphoria.


• If you lead a sedentary life, incorporating this color into your surroundings can stimulate your willpower, lift you up and make you want to get up and move around.

Yellow. Relaxes the muscles and reduces excess worry when you are under pressure.


• Helps in situations when you are pessimistic or unsatisfied. Using yellow clothing during the day can lift up your energy and sleeping in a yellow room will help you to wake up in the morning.

Green. Regenerates the body's cells, relaxes the muscles and relieves tired sight. Soothes tensions and aggressions and renews optimism.


• This pain relieving color can be used to calm aches and pains. This is an ideal color for a room you use for rest.

Blue. This color gives a sense of relaxation and restfulness. Helps to get over fears.


• A massage under blue light can help to relieve pain and gives immediate results. Helps you to recover from tiredness and makes other therapies like massages more effective.

Violet. Detoxifies the body, supporting the expulsion of toxins and improving oxygen flow to the cells. Stimulates brain activity.


• Stimulates blood flow to the brain, activating intuition and inspiration. This color is the perfect color in the place where you must work hard and use brain power, because it reduces stress and tension.

White. Fortifies the immune system. Produces a state of positive energy and good spirits.


Enlivens and empowers other color rays. It is the best color for inside your house to maintain a calm spirit and a constant energy.


Knowing the properties of color you can use them in your daily life to activate your vital energy when you are tired. Using colors depends on your creativity and personal taste. Some alternatives for using colors include:

  1. • Decorative paintwork on the walls of your home.
  2. • Clothes and accessories.
  3. • Filtered lamps that reflect different tones.
  4. • Objects or adornments with stones or colored crystals.
  5. • Choosing foods for their colors.

Choosing foods for their colors

  1. • Paintings of landscapes –or landscapes to visit– where certain colors predominate.

Recipe for charged water


Place mineral water or spring water in a bottle of the color which you need, or improvise with a clear bottle covered with colored cellophane. Expose the water to sunlight from the morning until dusk and then store in a dark place. Water is used to treat different problems. It can be taken in a dose of 3 tablespoons a day, preferably before meals or during fasts. Children can take up to 2 spoonfuls a day.

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