Revitalizing self-massages

This is a series of simple and efficient techniques to give you a “pick-me-up”, which will energize and invigorate your body.

Revitalizing self-massages

+ This massage can be done at any time of the day you have to take a rest, in private and after taking a hot bath. For this massage to be more effective you should prepare an appropriate atmosphere before giving yourself a self-massage: warm room, soft lighting, and inviting colors. More important than the time you can dedicate to the massage, it's best to choose a moment when you won't be interrupted. The following massages are based on shiatsu, an Eastern technique that uses finger pressure on determined points to recover and balance the body's energy.

1. To restore vital energy. Wrap your hand around your foot and keep firm pressure. Gently hit the base of the foot with the edge of the palm of your hand.

To restore vital energy.

2. To relieve tension. Wrap your hand around your foot and with the other make a fist and rub your foot with your knuckles, using circular movements.

To relieve tension

3. To relieve anxiety. Place the thumb of one hand next to the thumb of the other and gently press on the center of the base of the foot. Keep breathing deeply.

To relieve anxiety


On the legs. This point is located the width of your hand below your inner knee joint, in the hollow point between the femur and the muscle. Press on this point on both legs to relieve pains, especially from the waist down.

On the legs

On the shoulders. Lift up your arm and look for the hollow place below the shoulder muscle. Once you've located the point apply pressure with your index fingers and thumbs; lower your arm and begin to massage by applying even pressure. Repeat on your other shoulder.

On the shoulders

On the wrists. This point is found on the inner part of each of the wrists. Rub with your thumbs. Press on each wrist to relieve physical fatigue. This technique helps to relieve intense exhaustion.

On the wrists

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