Qi gong energy exercise

Qi gong self-massage originates in Chinese medicine, it is a series of techniques for stimulating and balancing the flow of chi energy with soft movements that harmonize the body's functions.

+ During the practice of qi gong, the hands are transmitters and receptors of energy. The technique trains the hands to become sensitive and efficient in detecting energy channels and the laogong point and a key tool called the Sword.

Qi gong energy exercise

The center of the palm of your hand is where the laogong is found, where a number of meridian channels meet. When you are giving a qi gong massage or self-massage, keep in mind that this point is a radar for detecting blocks, energy sources and deficiencies.

The tips of your index and middle fingers make a potent point for giving massages. In martial arts, this is known as the “sword”.

When beginning qi gong massages it is important to clear your mind and concentrate on your hands and the part you are massaging. For more stimulating effects, repeat the massages between 15 and 30 times or for 10 minutes.

Friction on the hands. Before beginning a qi gong session and between massages it is important to rub the palms of your hands together. During this technique you should concentrate on the laogong point and the points on the fingers.

Friction on the hands


To use the qi gong self-massages, stand up with your body relaxed and your feet about shoulder width apart. This technique will activate your vital energy.

On the forehead. Massage your forehead with one hand and then the other, rubbing from one temple to the other. This technique activates the nervous system and the blood flow in this sensitive area of the head.

On the forehead

On the scalp. Place your fingertips on your scalp, on the sides of your head. Rub forward and then backward. Next, apply pressure with your nails, as if they were a comb and use friction in the same way. This massage helps to stimulate your vital energy and fight against fatigue.

On the scalp

On the eyes. Cup your hands. Place your index and your pinkie over your eye sockets, while your other two fingers touch your eyelids lightly. The massage consists of an energetic friction from the eyes to the temples. This helps your eyes take a rest.

On the eyes

On the face. Place your hands in front of your face. Rub down, starting with your forehead, in front of your eyes, until your chin. Separate your hands and apply friction, moving upward. This technique invigorates the energy in the face, tones the skin and facial muscles, preventing premature wrinkles.

On the face

On the ming men. This center is an important place in the body, where our vital energy is stored. It is located between the second and third lumbar vertebrae, just beneath the two kidneys. This self-massage is practiced in two steps, benefitting the flow of energy through the meridians and harmonizing the function of the kidneys. Make a fist, making sure that your thumb sits on your index finger, forming a circle. Keep your wrist lose. This posture is called the Tiger's mouth.

1. With your fists rub the ming men point, using circular motions, 15 times clock-wise and 15 times counter clock-wise.

With your fists rub the ming men point

2. Next, with your fists gently tap on the ming men points, alternating between the right and left hand side.

Next, with your fists gently tap on the ming men points

On the arms. This massage is used to activate the flow of the chi (vital energy) through the meridian acupuncture points in the arms.

1. With your left hand open, massage the right arm, first on the inside of the arm to the shoulder with your fingertips.

With your left hand open, massage the right arm

2. Next, massage up the outer arm until you reach the shoulder. Repeat 15 times and change arms.

Next, massage up the outer arm until you reach the shoulder

On the dantian. The dantian refers to the central point in the lower abdomen, three fingers beneath the navel where the vital energy is refined and converted into subtle energy for distribution to the rest of the organism. This massage will make you feel as if you have heat running through the abdominal cavity. This self-massage is practiced in two stages.

1. First, place your hands over the point and diagonally rub 30 times, with one hand moving upward and the other downward.

First, place your hands over the point and diagonally rub 30 times

2. Next, place your hands in the “tiger's mouth” position and gently tap on the dantian 30 times, to distribute energy.

Next, place your hands in the “tiger's mouth” position and gently tap on the dantian 30 times

On the arms. This technique stimulates the circulation of the chi through the meridians in the legs. The same friction technique is used on the arms and the legs.

With the palms of your hands massage the outer thigh, until your ankle. Next, massage up the inner part of the legs, until the thigh and then massage downward. Repeat 30 times.

On the arms


This massage helps when you are exhausted, improves concentration and relieves headaches.

  1. 1. Begin standing with your legs parallel shoulder width apart and your knees slightly bent. Your arms should stay at the sides of your body; your shoulders relaxed.
  2. 2. Lift up you arms, straighten with the palms facing upward, to the height of your shoulders. Whilst, breathing deeply, direct the breath toward the dantian, as if gathering the energy that is generated from there.
  3. 3. Next, inhale and bend your forearms placing your hands on your shoulders. Exhale while you release from this position.

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