Dietetics is the study of food, food science, and nutrition, and of the interactions of food and nutrients in people and populations. It can also refer to the management of food service and the provision of health guidance in a variety of settings, including hospitals, nursing homes, health departments, clinics, and in private practice.

The study of dietetics prepares students to apply the principles of food, nutrition, and food service management to caring for the health of individuals and groups of people. Individuals who graduate from an approved dietetics program are eligible to take the RD (registered dietitian) examination. The goal of dietetics programs, which are offered at both undergraduate and graduate levels, is to promote health and decrease disease by training health care professionals in nutrition science, thus enabling them to foster good nutritional health for individuals and diverse populations across the lifespan. These programs also provide information on health care policy and administration, delivery systems, reimbursement issues, and regulations.

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