This health encyclopedia that has been specifically written for students who are beginning to visualize that there exists a relationship between exercise, diet, and physical well being.  The encyclopedia answers and explains the consequences of both unhealthy and healthy life styles and habits and teaches the causes, symptoms, and treatments of various health conditions.

Body by Design V1

Contains articles like The Cardiovascular System, The Digestive System, The Endocrine System, The Integumentary System, The Lymphatic System, and The Muscular System

Body by Design V2

Contains articles like The Nervous System, The Reproductive System, The Respiratory System, The Skeletal System, The Urinary System, and The Special Senses

Healthy Living V1

Contains articles like Nutrition, Personal Care and Hygiene, Sexuality, Physical Fitness, and Environmental Health

Healthy Living V2

Contains articles like Health Care Systems, Health Care Careers, Preventive Care, Over-the-Counter Drugs, and Alternative Medicine


Sick! V1

Contains articles from Acne to Cystic Fibrosis

Sick! V2

Contains articles from Decompression Sickness to Hypothermia

Sick! V3

Contains articles from Infectious Mononucleosis to Prostate Cancer

Sick! V4

Contains articles from Rabies to Whooping Cough

Healthy Living V3

Contains articles like Mental Health, Mental Illness, Eating Disorders, Habits and Behaviors, and Mental Health Therapies

Health and Medical Biographies (A-L)

David Bruce to Guillaume Dupuytren
Edgar Douglas Adrian to Michael S. Brown
Helen Adams Keller to Elmer Verner McCollum
John Carew Eccles to Allvar Gullstrand


Health and Medical Biographies (M-Z)

Peter Brian Medawar to Frederick Robbins
Richard J. Roberts to Howard Martin Temin
Samuel Hahnemann to William Williams Keen
The Coris to Christian de Duvé


Health and Medical Topics (A-L)

AIDS to Antiangina drugs
Antianxiety drugs to Bacteremia
Bad breath to Calcium imbalance
Cancer to Cleft lip and palate
Clinical trials to Decompression sickness
Decongestants to Echocardiography
Ectopic pregnancy to Fibrocystic condition of the breast
Fibromyalgia to Hallucinogens
Hand-foot-mouth disease to Human anatomy
Human bite infections to International Red Cross
Intersex states to Lyme disease


Health and Medical Topics (L-Z)

Lymphatic system to Movement disorders
Movement therapy to Occupational lung diseases
Occupational therapy to Perception
Perforated eardrum to Premature labor
Premature menopause to Respiratory system
Respite Care to Sexuality
Sexually transmitted diseases to Subdural hematoma
Substance abuse and dependence to Tooth replacements and restorations
Toothache to Vitamin toxicity
Vitamins to Yoga


Medical & Health Encyclopedia

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