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There are several alternatives for where you can have your baby delivered. Check with your community and your attending physician to see what is available and review what you are comfortable with.


Some hospitals offer a variety of options to the traditional sterile delivery rooms that were common for women over the past forty years. They may have private patient rooms where the mother can decide who attends the birth. All the equipment that will be needed is in the room. The baby may still sleep in the nursery, but will be brought to the mother for feeding.

Birthing Room

Birthing rooms are a step away from private patient rooms. The room is equipped for most emergencies, except caesarians. The father and others can be present throughout the delivery. The atmosphere in the room is designed to be homey and comfortable. For most of the labor the woman will remain on a traditional bed. The bed can then be broken down into a birthing bed for the final stage of labor and delivery. The baby will most probably remain in the room with the mother during her recovery.

Home Delivery

Not usually recommended for first-time pregnancies, the home delivery is just that—delivering the baby in your home. Your attending medical personnel will be there for assistance, but except in emergencies, the full labor and delivery will take place in the home. Screening for this is intensive, because there is little that can be done in emergencies except to take the woman to the hospital in an ambulance.

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