Family Planning

Planning a family basically means figuring out when you want children, how many you want, and how long you choose to wait between pregnancies. It is always recommended that you discuss these things before marriage.


Infertility can stem from numerous problems. It is estimated that as high as one in ten couples cannot conceive a child.


Once you have conceived, the baby has nine months of growth and change to prepare itself for the outside world. There are numerous physiological changes to the mother as the baby grows inside her, and many emotional changes and discoveries for both parents.


There are three basic stages to birthing: labor, delivery, and placental delivery. The average length of birthing is 14 hours for the first birth and 8 hours for births after that.

Complications of Pregnancy

Occasionally something goes wrong during pregnancy or childbirth. This may be some problem that can be treated either with medication or surgically.

Child Care

Once the child is born, the mother will spend a couple days to a couple weeks in the hospital, depending on her condition after delivery. Caesarian deliveries can keep a woman in the hospital for several days to assist in recovery from the surgery.