Common Surgical Procedures

I n this section some of the more common surgical procedures are described. The operations discussed are organized by the system or region of the body with which they are concerned. The following areas are covered in this order:

  1. • Male Reproductive System (for surgical procedures involving the female reproductive system, see Ch. 25, );
  2. • Urinary Tract;
  3. • Abdominal Region;
  4. • Oral Cavity and Throat;
  5. • Ear Surgery;
  6. • Eye Surgery;
  7. • Chest Region;
  8. • Vascular Surgery;
  9. • Orthopedic Surgery; and
  10. • Neurosurgery.

Many of the conditions treated in this chapter from a surgical point of view are also treated elsewhere, in the chapter devoted to diseases of the appropriate body system or organ; the reader is invited to turn to those chapters for additional information. For example, although heart surgery is discussed in this chapter, heart disease is treated in greater detail in Ch. 10, Heart Disease .

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