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the Internet Writer Resource Guide (1/2)

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Archive-name: writing/resources/part1
Version: 2.8
Last-modifed: 10/95

Internet Writer Resources v2.8 (10/95)

Please Note: As from January 1995, this is compiled/edited/maintained by
Trevor Lawrence <>.

An HTML version is available at:


This document is primarily a list of magazines and various outlets
accepting submissions by email, and branching out into Internet
resources for the writer in general. Thanks to everyone who has
responded. This list will be updated and maintained as long as *you*
send in updates and  improvements.  See the bottom for information on


(1) How to Submit
(2) Electronic Submissions List
(3) MCI Mail Magazine addresses
(4) A Note to Writers
(5) A Note to Editors
(6) A Vision of the Future
(7) The FAQ as the Future
(8) WWW: Cyberspatial Presses
(9) Other Electronic Resources
(10) CRAM
(11) Most Wanted List
(12) Credits
(13) Change History
(14) Distribution

How to Submit

These addresses are provided through the courtesy of the publisher for
the purpose of submitting queries or complete manuscripts. In all cases
it is best to first *query* the publisher with a short description of
your article idea or outline of an already-written article. In your
query, you should address how your article fits in with the magazine's
scope and  focus. If you are querying multiple editors, do this for
each. Make sure that you are familiar with their general magazine
content enough to avoid wasting their time with irrelevent pieces or
ones that have just recently been covered. If the entry states that the
magazine has writer's  guidelines, ask the editor for those first and
adhere to them.

Multiple submissions: in general, if you want to adhere to the utmost
standards of politeness, avoid multiple simultaneous submissions.
Particularly with email you generally receive a very rapid turnaround,
so that the necessity of multiple submissions is decreased. If you
absolutely must attempt simultaneous submissions, and one editor accepts
an article, immediately email to all others that you are withdrawing
the  article.  Explicitly noting the status of your submission as
exclusive or simultaneous is a good idea.  Do not carbon copy send a
single article  with no individual attention to the receiving editors.

If you learned of the email address from this source, please tell the
editor that. It will encourage the editor to maintain the capability,
spur other editors to set up their own email addresses, and in turn help
expand your own list of possible and alternative outlets for your

Electronic Submissions List
These magazines are published monthly unless otherwise noted. The
`content' category describes the general content and requested writing.
`compensation' describes the remuneration policies (if any). `rights'
describes the rights to the material that are sold to the publisher.
`contact' is the email address of the publisher, editor, or the general
submission address.

Note: the accuracy of this list is not guaranteed. In particular, the
rights involved in a particular `sale' may be variable or negotiable.
Make sure you understand the terms of the arrangement with the
publisher. If you are interested in only certain kinds of contracts
(such as retaining the copyright, which is usual the usual case but not
guaranteed) be sure to tell the editor.

- Alternate Hilarities

    magazine of humor in speculative fiction
	humorous pieces from all areas of the speculative fiction field, horror,
	science fiction and fantasy of all types. ``We're looking for stories
	ranging in length from 1 to 5k words. We like to work with original
	stories, but reprints are OK if the author still holds the rights. The
	main point is to be funny.
	Payment for first timepublication will be 1 cent a word (and a one
	copy). Payment for reprints is two copies.
	``We're more likely to buy something that's consistently funny over
	something that's acceptable to all audiences.'' E-mail submissions
  Contact: (Co-Editors: Alexandra Zale, Devon Tavern)

- Blue Heron Publishing

    Book publishers. Currently publish six books per year. 
  Content: Prefer titles that will have a strong educational market, will
    consider strong queries for lengths from 20,000 words, where the 
    sensibility of the work matches that of shorter works in the Left Bank
	``If querying by email, be extraordinarily brief; we will reply quickly,
    within two weeks (...); if you haven't had an email reply within two 
    weeks, we are not interested. Under no circumstances will we consider
    an unsolicited manuscript sent by email. We don't mind simultaneous
    submissions, so long as we are informed from the beginning. If another
    publisher accepts before we do, please let us know.''

- The Blind Spot

	small press 'zine (?)
  	Duke's fantasy, SF, and horror fiction. 10K words or less. Artwork.
  	$10 plus contributors copies.
  Contact: (Andy Whitfield)

- ClipText

   	ClipText consists of ready-to-publish articles sold on diskette for $39.95 a disk. 
	ClipText is aimed at anyone who publishes a newsletter, including businesses,
	non-profit associations, clubs, and others. The name ClipText is an 
	officially-registered trademark of The Company Writers. 
     Business: Marketing, management, communications, how-to and general info, as well as 
	 interesting new trends and anecdotes.
     Seasonal: Holiday celebrations tips and how-to.  
     Health & Fitness: Tips, new information, trends, and new cures, preventive tips,
     avoiding risks, etc.
     Personal Finance: Tips, how-to, on saving money, planning for retirement, etc.  
     Office Technology: New options, basic overviews, exciting opportunities. 
     Food: Recipes and information, including dieting. 
     Lifestyle: Travel, leisure, miscellaneous. 
     Family: kids, education, household tips
     Community: Environment, safety, activism, outreach, mentoring, etc. 
     Humor: Jokes, games, topical humor.
     Miscellaneous: Entertainment, book and movie reviews, etc. 
   	 Our base rate is 10 cents a word. We will discuss variances in private
   	 correspondence or conversation. We pay by check within 30 days.
   Rights: we require 1st serial rights, serial reprint rights, and electronic
   	serial rights. You may retain book rights. If you have previously published
   	material, you may submit it. In that case, we will purchase reprint and 
   	electronic rights.
    ClipText articles are published in three lengths:
    Full Column: 260-300 words
    Half Column: 160-220 words
    Short Articles: 50-100 words
     Direct all submissions to: 
     Neil Olonoff
     Managing Director 
     The Company Writers
     PO Box 105
     Burke, VA 22009-0105
     Voice: (703) 503-2880  Fax: (703) 503-0020

- Circlet Press

	small press 'zine, published anthologies (?)
	Erotic science fiction and fantasy. Short stories primarily under 10K
	words. Anthologies. Other subcategories.
	half-cent per word. Royalties for single-author anthologies negotiated
	on cases by case basis.
	one-time anthology rights.
	Write for guidelines or booklist. Query first.

- Claustrophobia

  	small press newsletter
  	social issues, privacy (?)
	no money, but `credit, exposure, samples for portfolio'
  	nonsimultaneous publication.


  	small press magazine
  	``Covering the major commercial online services,
  	Internet/Usenet and smaller Bulletin Board System networks, CONNECT
  	focuses on telecommunications from a user-oriented perspective.''
	``Authors are paid a flat rate of $75 for mini-reviews. Authors are paid
	between $100 and $300 for feature articles, depending on the length,
	subject matter and newsworthiness of the article. The longer the
	article and the more complex the subject matter, typically, the more
	the payment for the submission.''
  	seeks articles and reviews.
  	electronic magazine
	``News and Views of the Science Fiction and Fantasy. Universe carries
	interviews, feature articles, and lots'o'news on current happenings on
	the science fiction, fantasy, animation, and comics genres.''
	``Right now we cannot pay our writers, but we are trying to line up a
	publisher for a paper version, and once that happens we will be
	attempting to pay people.''
	``We "buy" one-time rights, but the remuneration policy may change at any time.''
	``We are seeking articles and interviews from writers who can be fun
	without being long-winded. Write for guidelines, but in the meantime a
	query is preferred to an article.'' See
	/pub/Zines/Cyberspace.Vanguard for past issues.
	Submissions should be send to Other
	correspondence should be sent to
- FringeWare Review

   	electronic magazine
	``Our centroid (th/m)eme [is] "Building Community around a     Fringe
	Marketplace'' ``sidebars, tutorials, interviews and reviews, with
	tasty, mind-twisting fiction as synthesis''
	``We pay up to US$0.03 per word plus byline and two copies of each issue
	in which you appear. We pay the full amount for work we choose to run
	which: (a) hasn't appeared elsewhere, (b) fits within our issues'
	themes, (c) and meets word count criteria; also, you must provide an
	email address for the byline. Otherwise, we'll negotiate. We pay US$20
	per page for artwork and comix, or do trade-outs as mentioned above. In
	the case of comix, we do not need the work to be first run.''
  	``We limit our magazine to 48 pages, at least 35% of
    which contains catalog, subvertising, editorials, letters and
    administrivia, so writers only have 25-odd pages, less artwork and
    comix, in which to express their collective brilliance. We seek
    terse, opinionated, first-person, active-voice, period.''


	electronic magazine
  	a magazine of poetry, prose, essays and articles
  	Well-crafted prose, experimental prose, discussions of
  	network prose, interactive/collaborative language, all considered
  	and solicited for publication. FTP or Gopher to
  	mail subscriptions and work submissions to
- Hum - The Government Computer Magazine

  	paper magazine (?)
  	Canada's national magazine for public sector computing, for
  	13,000+ mostly government managers - federal, provincial and
  	first serial
  	up to $.10 per word
  	Stories must be about the use of technology in Canadian government settings.
  	Submit query to Mr. Lee Hunter, Managing Editor

- Intermix

  Type:  Monthly email and W3 science fiction and fantasy magazine.
  Content: Fiction (short stories and poetry) and non-fiction (book reviews,
   essays, interviews, commentaries and news-worthy items) in SF/Fantasy genre.
  Compensation: $0.1515 per line.
  Rights: Intermix purchases original material for one-time use.  
  Contact:  Brian E. Mortensen <>

- Internet Bulletin for CPAs

  Type:  Monthly 12 page print newsletter for CPAs on how to use Internet in their work. 
  Content:  Product reviews, interviews with CPAs, how to do it articles on Internet 
   functions and Internet sites that are useful to CPAs in their work as auditors, 
   accountants, computer consultants, tax advisors, business valuation specialists, 
   litgations support specialists, controllers, etc.
  Compensation: Generally, $.25 per word for accepted, original articles.
  Rights:  Generally, authors of accepted articles will be expected to sign 
   work-for-hire contracts that require them to assign all rights to Kent Information 
   Services, Inc. 
  Comments:  CPAs are interested in how to use the Internet in their work.  Readers 
   include CPAs in industry, government, not-for-profits and public accounting firms.
  Contact:  John Graves <>
   Kent Information Services, Inc.; 227 E. Main; Kent, OH 44240

- Internet Informer

    email newsletter
  includes news and information from both the material and electronic
    worlds, particularly the Internet
  	"small fee"
  	work with regular columnists particularly
   Informer@Cris.Com or

- InterText

  	bi-monthly electronic fiction magazine
  	Short stories primarily under 15,000 words, though
  	exceptions can be made. Not genre-specific -- stories from all
  	genres welcome. Write for guidelines if needed.
  	publication & exposure to ~3000 subscribers on
  6 continents.
  One-time publication; all copyrights revert to authors
  	FTP to ( in /intertext Or
  	Gopher to in OCF On-Line Library -> Fiction ->
  	InterText On the World-Wide Web, point your WWW browser to
  Contact: Editor: Jason Snell

- The Lighthouse

  	monthly magazine, email version
  	focuses on various forms of contemporary Christian music
  	(Rock to Rap to Metal to Adult Contemporary to Alternative to
  	Dance). Artist spotlights and album reviews. The ministry of
  	Christian music.
  	`A BIG thank you'
  	no exclusive rights requested
  	write for more details and text-only email version.

- Millenium Magazine

  	small type, published on real paper, 600 DPI B&W Graphics, 30-40pp,
  	saddle stapled, colored card cover.
	B&W art, fiction under10 pages, poetry: Gothic, techno, industrial,
	psychedelic, counterculture, urban.
  	free copies and short bio in back w/ contact info
  Writers and artists retain all rights.
  	please send submissions over 2 pages  in compressed form! We've
  	been around over three years. Our first online issue will come out in
  	December 1994. It will be interactive & HyperCard-based.

- Paladin Science Fiction Group

   	anthologies and novels
  	``Fiction anthologies in science fiction, fantasy, and
    horror for mature readers; erotic science fiction, fantasy, and
    horror for adult readers. Length: supershort to novella. Maximum 10K
    words. Novels in science fiction, fantasy and horror 40K-60K words
    for general to mature audience.''
  	One cent per word, two copies for poetry.
  	Do not submit without reading guidelines first. Both
  	electronic queries and simultaneous submissions OK. No electronic
  	submissions in North America.
  	S G Johnson


  	a new magazine based in Pittsburgh, Pa, is accepting submissions
	for articles, editorials and book/video reviews on the following subjects:
	esoteric knowledge, conspiracy theories, freemasonry/secret societies
	shadow governments, ufo's, crop circles/earth and geological anomalies
	angels, Qabalism, Gnosticism, mysticism, kundalini.
	Any article that can "draw the big picture" is a big plus. Photos would be
	great; original artwork welcome.
	1/2c/word + 2 contributors copies. Payment for photos/artwork are
	negotiable with author
	acquires first-time rights
  	You may send submissions or queries to: PARADIGM, 1369 Terrace St.
	Bridgeville, PA 15017

- Quanta

  	online magazine
  	`science fiction by amateur and professional authors around
  	the world and across the net.'
  	publication & exposure to ~2200 subscribers
  	ASCII and Postcript versions. See /journals/Quanta
  	submissions to
- Sixth Dragon (prev. Mushroom Opera)

  	student-run magazine published twice a year at Michigan State
  	U. at Lansing
  	generally science fiction and fantasy
  	contributor's copy
  	David Scott Martin or

- Sound News and Arts

  	local small press 'zine
  	``Accept writing of ALL types, mainly about arts, music and
  	interviews with interesting and innovative people.  Also accept
  	poetry, short stories and artwork. SOUND is a local publication and
  	is pretty open content-wise.  Geared toward the younger, more
  	energetic crowd.''
  	``No payment as of yet (save for a few free issues),
  	planned payment in late '93.''
  	uuencoded or FTPed submissions to in the
  	/pub/multimedia/pictures/OTIS/Incoming directory). Submissions
  	should be in ASCII text format (or TIF, GIF or JPEG for pictures.
  Contact: (or

- StoneGround

    A new, free health food magazine available from Health Food Stores
    in the Okanagan Valley, B.C., Canada. (First Issue September 1995)
    Articles on healthfood products, nutrition, vitamins, minerals,
    herbs and spices, organic foods and growing, food without cruelty,
    vegetarian lifestyles, product and produce reviews - anything related to a
    healthy or low environmental impact diet. We also have a children's page
    which is focused to health/environment. We do not accept advertorials.
    All age groups - committed and new health food consumers.
    $10 - $25 plus 2 copies for 500 - 2000 words.
    One time (non-exclusive) rights or second serial (reprint) rights.
    E-mail submissions preferred. Feel free to contact us with any
    questions. Simultaneous submissions O.K. - we have a very small local
  Contact:   (Editor: Tony Roberts)


  	liberal Arts Multimedia Magazine
  	The TRINCOLL Journal is a liberal Arts Multimedia Magazine
  	created by students from Trinity College in Hartford Connecticut.
  	The Journal is a weekly publication with its writing and art work
  	created by readers from around the world.
  	To view the Journal use your favorite WWW browser to open
  	a URL to: FTP: /pub/incoming/TrincollJournal /info-mac/per
  Contact: Peter Adams, Paul Tedesco Editors

- Wilde Oaks

  	literary journal
  	South Bay (San Jose, CA) Lesbian and Gay Community Center
  	literary journal. Accepts fiction (less than 6K words preferred),
  	prose, poety, photography, and artwork from gay, Lesbian, bisexual,
  	transgender, or supportive people. Erotica is okay, but no
  	pornography. Submission guidelines are available.
  	One contributor copy
 	 One-time publication rights
  Contact: (Jim Drew)

- Writer's Nook News

  	national quarterly magazine
  	``dedicated to giving freelance writers specific
  	information for their immediate practical use in getting published
  	and staying published. It contains news; writing tips; book reviews;
  	legislative/tax updates; conference, contest, and market listing;
  	and various related topics.''
  	``The Nook News pays 6 cents per word on acceptance
  	for First North American Serial Rights to short, pithy articles (400
 	words max.) on the writing experience.''
  	``Simultaneous submissions will be rejected. Articles
  	must be specific, terse, and contain information my readers can put
  	to immediate, practical use. Avoid third person whenever possible.
  	Include a short bio (25 words or so, not a resume) with your
  Contact: (Eugene Ortiz, Publisher)

- Writer's Workshop Review

  Type: Small Press Magazine (hard copy), 18-22 pages with plans to expand
    considerably in 1995.  Began publishing in April 1993.
  Content: How-to articles for writers, short stories in most genres,
    computer networking related information, poetry, art...
  Compensation: Pays one contributor's copy.  Editor plans to begin
    implementing program that will offer monetary payment in 1995.
  Rights: First, one time or reprint rights.  All rights revert to the author
    after publication.
  Comments: "We enjoy publishing a variety of different types of writing. We
    attempt to save as many of our pages for freelance work as possible
    and we accept a good deal of work from unpublished authors.  We encourage
    our writers to make every word count and to check their manuscripts  
    over well to weed out weak sentences or ones with hard to understand
    phrasing.  Most of our readers are computer users and we advocate
    computer networking for writers.  We encourage E-mail submissions and
    offer our guidelines via E-mail as well.  We will send brochures to
    writing groups free of charge.  We have a BBS for writers on which we
    host Writer's Workshop, Writer's Workshop Lounge and Writer's Garden
    (all VirtualNET newsgroups, established in November 1992).  Submissions
    may be uploaded directly to our BBS or sent through Internet to the
    address below.
  Contact: Editor, Rhia R. Drouillard,


  	monthly national magazine
  	Cutting edge computer technology, `techno-culture and hardware' (?)
  	Write for guidelines.
MCI Magazine Addresses

The following entries were retreived from the public MCI electronic
yellow pages. They are being included in this FAQ with *no* prior
warning to the publishers. The FAQ author has emailed a few of them with
no result. `Your mileage may vary.' The author would greatly like to
receive more information (contents, compensation, rights, comments) on
these outlets to move the entries into the previous section, and hear of
any `success stories' in receiving *any* response (even simple
submission guidelines) from these addresses.

  To send mail to these addresses from the internet, use the form
  [x] where [x] is the ID given below. DO NOT INCLUDE THE
  HYPHEN in the address.

(Generated ~8/93)

`MAGAZINE' search

           MCI ID   Name                       Organization    Location
           596-6620 Avionics Magazine          Avionics Magazi Potomac, MD
           371-5189 Biotechnology Magazine     Nature Publishi New York, NY
           250-0135 BYTE Magazine                              Peterborough, N
           411-2547 C Magazine                 Softbank Corp   JAPAN
           323-9250 CIO Magazine               CIO Magazine    Framingham, MA
           379-1932 Computer Graphics World Ma Computer Graphi Westford, MA
           324-3008 Computer Shopper Magazine  Computer Shoppe Titusville, FL
           393-3639 ComputerLand Magazine                      Pleasanton, CA
           339-5237 CPI Purchasing Magazine    Cahners Publish Newton, MA
           280-8275 Data Based Advisor Magazin Data Based Advi San Diego, CA
           416-2157 Data Communications Magazi McGraw Hill     New York, NY
           335-7244 DBMS Magazine              DBMS/PCA        San Mateo, CA
           477-1898 Dyna Magazine              Softbank Corpor JAPAN
           391-5774 EDN Magazine               EDN Magazine    BLANK
           427-6021 Electronic Products Magazi Electronic Prod Garden City, NY
           582-3736 Epicurean Magazine         Epicurean Magaz San Fernand, CA
           601-1044 Food Product Design Magazi Food Product De Northbrook, IL
           312-3728 Foreign Policy Magazine    Foreign Policy  Washington, DC
           313-3729 Foreign Policy Magazine    Foreign Policy  Washington, DC
           442-3685 Frequent Flyer Magazine    Frequent Flyer  New York NY
           312-4471 IN Magazine                MCIC            Washington DC
           319-3071 Interior Design Magazine   Interior Design New York, NY
           376-9627 Interiors Magazine         Interiors Magaz New York, NY
    REMOTE 567-3913 LAN Magazine               Computer Pubs   AUSTRALIA
           503-2941 Laser Focus World Magazine Laser Focus Wor Westford, MA
           422-5920 MacUser Magazine           MacUser         Foster City CA
           355-9510 Maintenance Technology Mag Maintenance Tec Barrington, IL
           564-3622 Metroland Magazine         Metroland Magaz Albany, NY
           387-0963 Modern Motor Magazine      Modern Motor Ma Australia
           445-5851 NewMedia Magazine                          San Mateo, CA
           318-3782 Omni Magazine                              New York, NY
           468-2934 Packaging Magazine         Cahners Publish Des Plaines IL
           157-9301 PC Magazine                PC Magazine     New York, NY
           447-7466 Popular Science Magazine   Popular Science New York Ny
           413-3658 Prepared Foods Magazine    Prepared Foods  Chicago, IL
           392-5775 Purchasing Magazine        Purchasing Maga BLANK
           514-3313 Risk Magazine Ltd.         Risk Magazine L Chicago, IL
           500-0238 Sail Magazine              Cahners         Newton MA
           317-3309 Smithsonian Magazine       Smithsonian Mag Washington, DC
           277-9362 Software Magazine          Software Magazi Westboro, MA
           556-3896 Solutions PC Magazine      PC Magazine     New York NY
           103-5034 Teleconnect Magazine                       New York, NY
           494-4254 Telephony Magazine                         Chicago, IL
           402-6156 The Kfar Chabad Weekly Mag Tzeirei Chabad  ISRAEL
           519-6247 Treasury Magazine          Treasury Magazi Boston, MA
           380-3905 Turbo Magazine             Kipp E. Kington Huntington Beac
           424-1434 Variety Magazine           Variety Magazin Lakebluff IL


           MCI ID   Name                       Organization    Location
           527-0613 A I Publishing             A I Publishing  Japan
           586-1732 American International Pub American Int'l  Harrison, NY
           471-0440 Axel Springer Japan Publis                 Tokyo
           543-0709 Bloc Publishing            Bloc Publishing Coral Gables, F
           561-9762 Brana Publishing           Brana Publishin Pacific Pal, CA
           594-5629 Cardmember Publishing Corp                 Stamford, CT
           531-2388 CFO Publishing Corp.       CFO Publishing  Boston, MA
           583-9841 Clark Publishing Inc.      Clark Publishin Lexington, KY
           458-2083 Cowles Publishing Company  Cowles Publishi Spokane, WA
           589-5427 First Image Demand Publish                 Norcross, GA
           572-8673 HHO Publishing             HHO Publishing  Los Angeles, CA
           220-0783 Hitchcock Publishing Co.   Hitchcock Publi Carol Stream IL
           497-2767 Hortideas Publishing                       Gravel Switch
           581-6677 Indemp Publishing          Indemp Publishi Casa Grande, AZ
           294-3992 Information Publishing Cor Info Publishing Houston, TX
           293-5313 Isthmus Publishing Company Isthmus Publish Madison, WI
           422-1911 Kluwer Academic Publishing Kluwer Academic Norwell, MA
           266-2543 Kohgaku-Sha Publishing Co. Kohgaku-Sha Pub JAPAN
           380-2809 Laurin Publishing Co., Inc Laurin Publishi Pittsfield, MA
           583-5230 Linmore Publishing Inc.    Linmore Publish Barrington, IL
           399-2652 Macmillan Computer Publish Macmillan Compu Carmel, IN
           452-8706 Malakoff Publishing        Malakoff Publis Shepherdstown
           605-4375 Meister Publishing         Meister Publish Willoughby, OH
           273-9287 M.M. Cole Publishing Co.   M.M. Cole Publi Chicago, IL
           557-0450 Mondadori Publishing       Mondadori Publi New York, NY
           294-3756 M&T Publishing             Administration  Redwood City
           292-3754 M&T Publishing             Pete May        Redwood City
           489-8359 Nelson Publishing                          Nokomis, FL
           350-9803 Olympia Publishing, Inc.   Olympia Publish Little Rock, AR
           332-7597 Phillips Publishing        -               Potomac, MD
           542-5761 Phillips Publishing        Phillips Publis Potomac, MD
           245-8579 Pinpoint Publishing        PINPOINT Publis Glen Ellen, CA
           602-7175 Pinpoint Publishing                        Santa Rosa, CA
           297-6976 Roger Wagner Publishing. I Roger Wagner Pu Santee, CA
           340-4180 Rush Franklin Publishing   Rush Franklin P Douglaston, NY
           289-9011 Software Publishing Corpor P.R. Dept.      Mt. View
           273-0600 Software Publishing Corpor Quarterly Rept. Mt. View CA
           264-0158 Software Publishing Corpor Software Publ   Mt. View
           566-5907 Spencer & Associates Publi Spencer & Assoc Melville, NY
           426-7566 Step-By-Step Publishing                    PEORIA, IL
           586-7891 Surburban Publishing       Surburban       Wayne, PA
           493-3568 The Wichita Eagle & Beacon                 Wichita, KS
           581-5678 Troy Publishing            Troy Publishing Troy, NY
           559-7594 UpClose Publishing                         El Granola, CA
           509-3687 Walsworth Publishing Co.,                  Marcelini, MO
           240-3935 West Publishing Company    St. Paul        Eagan, MN
           241-3936 West Publishing Company    St. Paul        Eagan, MN
           242-3940 West Publishing Company    St. Paul        Eagan, MN
           243-3938 West Publishing Company    St. Paul        Eagan, MN
           243-3941 West Publishing Company    St. Paul        Eagan, MN
           244-3942 West Publishing Company    St. Paul        Eagan, MN
           245-3927 West Publishing Company    St. Paul        Eagan, MN
           245-3930 West Publishing Company    St. Paul        Eagan, MN
           246-3928 West Publishing Company    St. Paul        Eagan, MN
           247-3932 West Publishing Company    St. Paul        Eagan, MN
           248-3933 West Publishing Company    St. Paul        Eagan, MN
           249-3918 West Publishing Company    St. Paul        Eagan, MN
           273-5540 West Publishing Company    Schoolbooks     St. Paul, MN
           284-6776 West Publishing Company    West Publishing St. Paul, MN
           314-0105 West Publishing Company    West Services,  Seattle, WA
           326-8021 West Publishing Company    COP-Collections St. Paul, MN
           543-3405 Western Publishing                         Racine, WI
           218-4001 WGE Publishing, Inc.                       Hancock, NH
           173-2546 Wordware Publishing, Inc.  Wordware Publis Plano, TX
           350-2648 Ziff Davis Publishing      PC Computing    Boston, MA

`PRESS' search

           MCI ID   Name                       Organization    Location
           597-3297 Capra Press                Capra Press     Santa Barba, CA
           259-0558 Clarity Press, Inc.                        Atlanta, GA
           593-8735 Daily Press                Dow Jones & Co, NEWPORT NEWS, V
           507-9207 Global Financial Press     Global Financia NY, NY
           403-1178 Gum Tree Press             Cowles Magazine Unionville PA
           582-3930 Islamorada Free Press      Islamorada Free Islamorada, FL
           584-5231 Long & Strider Press       Long & Strider  Scottsdale, AZ
           574-6460 Magnetic Press, Inc.       Magnetic Press  New York, NY
           587-6181 Micro Pro Litera Press     Micro Pro Liter San Francis, CA
           263-5152 Microsoft Press                            Redmond, WA
           381-5247 New York Press             New York Press  New York, NY
           533-9561 The Mercantile Press, Inc. Mercantile Pres Wilmington, DE
           295-9492 University of California P University of C Berkeley, CA
           517-0393 Western Computer Press                     Tualatin, OR
           546-5105 Westview Press                             Boulder, CO

A Note to Writers

Email submissions have many advantages. In addition to the fast and
reliable transmission, the editor may give more rapid turnaround to
email inquiries. The opportunity for writer-editor communication and
feedback is increased. The ability to find the specific outlet for a
particular piece is improved. Also, in comparison to the telephone,
people can read their mail whenever they want instead of at random
interruptions. They can measure their responses carefully and archive
them for future reference. For submissions, the intermediate step of
rekeying typewritten text is largely eliminated.

Please treat this capability of email submission with the utmost
respect. If you abuse it you may jeopardize your own and fellow writer's
future opportunities. An editor may decide capriciously that only junk
comes in electronically, and ignore or remove the capability. Or, the
editor may pay special attention to all the gems of articles that can be
discovered and polished there. Always treat the editor with kind regard.
If an article is rejected, simply resubmit elsewhere, make changes, or
abandon it. The email address is *not* a hotline to flame or harass

Whenever you hear of a new address, please inform the author of this
list. You do not gain anything by withholding it from your fellow
writers. Everyone benefits when the list is thorough and complete. A
comprehensive list of outlets encourages competition between them for
your writing based on rights and remuneration policies, similar to an
electronic Yellow Pages.

Also, feel free to approach editors you know about the idea of setting
up the service of internet email submission addresses. Tell them that
their competitors have set up the system and that there are many
potential benefits, perhaps ultimately eliciting improved reader
satisfaction and interest.

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