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sci.virtual-worlds Introduction FAQ

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sci.virtual-worlds Introduction Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The latest edition of this FAQ can always be retrieved from

or <>

This admin faq is meant to assist the new user is posting to
sci.virtual-worlds. Basic questions such as how to post, rejecting policy,
and how to subscribe and unsubscribe from virtu-l, the mailing list mirror
is covered.

This FAQ is written as an introduction to the newsgroup sci.virtual-worlds.
It is meant to be posted monthly on the 13th. It is therefore written to be
short and informative regarding subscribing and posting to this particular
newsgroup. If you are a newbie to Usenet, please take time to look at all
the wonderful FAQs posted on news.announce.newusers. There are FAQs posted
frequently there that should answer any basic USENET question you should
have. For a list of all USENET FAQs see the Usenet Info Center Launch Pad:


Questions, comments, or suggestions should be sent to:

Snail-mail may be sent to:

c/o Toni Emerson, HITLab
University of Washington
Human Interface Technology Laboratory
PO Box 352412
Seattle, WA, 98195-2412

Topics covered in this FAQ

  1. What does the newsgroup cover?
  2. How do I post?
  3. What is rejected?
  4. Is is okay to post commercial announcements?
  5. Can I submit to more than one newsgroup on sci. virtual-worlds?
  6. What are the subject tags?
  7. What are the digests?
  8. Is there a sci.virtual-worlds mailing list?
  9. Where are the sci.virtual-worlds posting archives?
 10. Where is the sci.virtual-worlds ftp site?
 11. Is there a sci.virtual-worlds WWW site?
 12. Credits

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