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UnixWare Frequently Asked Questions (Overview)
Section - O1) Where can I get Freeware and shareware for UnixWare?

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The Freebird archive (from  is a set of unsupported freeware
software ported to UnixWare. Sources and binaries are included, often the
binaries are in pkgadd format for ease of installation.

See for more information about the
Freebird archive - also note that there are plans afoot to
make the archive available on CD-ROM.

Also see the SCO Skunkware project at

Subject: O2) Where can I get Information on setting up Internet Services
             on UnixWare?

A list of pointers to freely available information can be found  at

This includes information on the following:

- UnixWare 2 As an Internet Access Server (HTML Presentation)
- World Wide Web (WWW)  - http servers, web browsers
- File Transfer Protocol (ftp)
-  Gopher
- Wide Area Information Service (wais)
- Domain Name Service (DNS)
- Bootp and DHCP server (including auto allocation of IP addresses)
- Electronic Mail
- Usenet news (netnews), server and client software
- Post Office Protocol (POP, APOP)
- Point to Point Protocol (PPP)
- Archie, Xarchie
- Service Wrappers
- Ftp Mirror tool.
- Firewall Tools  , (fwtk, ssh)
- Sendmail for UnixWare

Subject:  O3) What is PDF and where can I get a PDF viewer for UnixWare?

PDF is Adobe's portable document format. SCO and many other
companies are starting to distribute documents in this format.
A PDF viewer for UnixWare, called xpdf  is available on

Subject: O4) Where is the comp.unix.unixware.misc news archive?

A free-text searchable news archive can be found at

Subject: O5) Where can I find the official UNIX system manual pages?

The official UNIX system manual pages from The Open Group's
Single UNIX(R) Specification are online at

Subject: O6) Where can I find SCO Documentation?

Online SCO documentation for a variety of products including
UnixWare 7 can be found at

You can go direct to the UnixWare 7 documentation at

Subject: O7) Where can I find links to other UNIX system resources?

A set of links to other UNIX system resources is available at

Trademark Acknowledgments

UNIX is a registered trademark of The Open Group
UnixWare is a registered trademark of SCO

Andrew Josey, #include <disclaimer.h> 
For UnixWare freeware binaries, sources , and FAQs -

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Top Document: UnixWare Frequently Asked Questions (Overview)
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